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With our virtual party games it has never been easier to get together online and solve a crime!

All of our murder mystery virtual party kits have been carefully put together in a way which involves both yourself as host and all of your online friends and family, perfect for your online get-together either on zoom, teams, or another online platform (there are many!).

The contents of the game can be read from your device or printed at home, reducing preparation time for your online soirée.

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Hosting a virtual murder mystery game is simpler than you might think. Throughout the pandemic we had thousands of hosts around the globe using our murder mysteries virtually to keep up with friends, families and work colleagues using platforms like Zoom or Teams.  But we were actually providing online murder mystery games before 2020 – it’s just that no one was used to teleconferencing in the same way as they are now!

Our virtual murder mystery games are designed to be interactive experiences, which encourage active communication between players. Our online games create memorable moments for families, friends, youth groups, social clubs, and corporate team-building events.

We offer a variety of different virtual murder mystery games available for instant download, catering to both beginners and experienced hosts.  We can also provide event hosting services and custom designs specific to order creating a unique experience for players.

Our virtual murder mystery games are designed for ease of use.  Countless players during lock-down returned to us again and again as the games were so easy to host online and fun to play virtually.

Each one of our games plays in a similar way making them suitable for first-time hosts and seasoned players.

Available in small group (4-20 players) and large group formats (20-250+ players), our games come with detailed instructions.  However if you are thinking of hosting a large group virtually – do reach out to talk to us directly as there other factors you need to consider and we may be able to make hosting easier for you with a quick chat, as we’ve got years of experience, and know what does and doesn’t convert easily to screen.

All of our virtual murder mystery games were designed in-house.  This means we can provide ongoing support and customization as we know the games inside out and backwards. We want to make your entire virtaul game experience as stress-free as possible so if you have any questions do reach out directly to chat to one of the team.

To ensure a successful event, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right party theme that suits your guests’ preferences, considering factors like dressing up, content and personalities.
  2. Select a game with characters or a setting that resonates with your group.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the game materials, including instructions, invitations, menu suggestions, and thematic ideas.  If you need any help prior to hosting – once you have the game materials in your hands, this is a good time to phone to clarify anything you don’t understand before starting to play online.
  4. Assign guests their character roles in advance, giving them time to prepare and ensuring a smooth transition into the game.  These are best sent in advance via email, as sending files through a digital plaform isn’t always 100% reliable.  If you have additional guests in questioning roles, you also need to ensure they know what they are doing and that they have all the information they need.
  5. Running the game virtually means you may want to either cast someone in the inspector role, or ensure you have a good connection and the ability to share screen to share the inspector recording.  Both options for the inspector are provided as standard.
  6. Encourage interaction among guests using the materials, but also using breakout rooms.  Breakout rooms are a great way to break up the structured nature of the game, giving groups the chance to discuss the case as they progress and mix in a smaller more intimate setting between rounds.
  7. Before the big reveal, allow your guests to guess the culprit you could use a poll system or just take in answers from each person.

As your trusted virtual murder mystery game supplier, we offer personalized support and customizable options to meet your party’s specific needs. With a dedicated team of writers and ongoing customer assistance, we strive to make every event a memorable success.

Need Help Picking the Right Game?

We’ve done our best to order the games by theme. This will help you decide quickly which sort of theme you’d like to run. We’ve also given you the option to search by most popular, number of attendees or by rating. You can also review what people have said about the games by looking at our reviews section and pick one that way.

If you are still unsure where to start, then have a think about the guests you plan to invite first. Get together a list of your likely attendees and look through a few game titles which “float your boat”. Can you imagine your friends in those character roles? If the answer is “yes” then you’ve found the game for you!

When all else fails – feel free to call us for some advice on +44 (0)1472 348909 or email us. We’ve played over half of the games in the catalogue ourselves, and the boss has proofed every single one, so someone in the office will be able to short-cut to the right game for you.

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