Seen #RHONY? Looking to host your own 1920s themed mystery?

Social media is awash with viewers discussing the recent murder mystery episode of Real House Wives of New York.  Their game was set in the roaring 20s and used actors to add atmosphere (and a dead body!).  If you’ve been inspired by the episode and want to run a murder mystery of your own – it’s much simpler than they made it look.

First of all – you don’t need actors.  All you need is one of our DIY kits.  Each kit contains all you need to stage the perfect murder mystery party, with invitations, ideas for theming and recipes, booklets for all the guests so they know what to say when, and the inspector is on CD  (or MP3 if downloadable kit) so you can all take a suspect role.

In our dinner party games the murder occurs before the party starts, which means you don’t need to have a guest play dead all night.  (And as you never see the dead body, there’s no need to have a go at mouth to mouth, so  you can indulge in fritters all night if you really want to!)  If you want to find out exactly how to run one – check out our page on how to host a murder mystery dinner party.

As #RHONY was 1920s themed, we’ve selected our top 1920s themed murder mystery dinner party games below for you.  Why not give it a go?

murderontheexpress Murder on the Disorientated Express (suitable for 6-12 players)

The Disorientated Express, probably one of the most luxurious trains in the world, is always fully booked. Even now, in 1938, with war looming menacingly on the horizon, her luxury Pullman coaches are packed with traveling rich and famous making their way from Istanbul to Constantinople.

The train has excelled in reliability and punctuality over the years, but today all that is about to change. A famous rocket designer known as Werner Von Black, has been discovered in his sleeping compartment – dead.

The only question is: who killed him?

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murder at merkester hall Murder at Merkister Hall (for 6-20 players)

It’s the 1930s. The great depression is over, the pound is competing with the dollar on the open exchange and there is a rise in business of all shapes at sizes. Keen to share their good fortune with others, the Balderdashes regularly play host for sumptuous dinner parties at their stately home which involve nothing but the best wines, fine cuisine and traditional after dinner entertainment. This evening was to be no exception. The guests had all arrived as planned and with the food ready to be served in the kitchens the party only lacked one thing, namely the butler Leversham who has been discovered dead, in the Billiard room!

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Murdermayhemandmoonshine Murder Mayhem and Moonshine (for 6-20 players)

The year is 1929. It’s the era of Prohibition and Chicago is divided by gang warfare.

Buns Meringue, notorious leader of the Northside Gang is found lying in a pool of blood in an alleyway outside. He is riddled with bullets.

The Rexington is owned by Al Cologne, the most feared man in Chicago so the place is crawling with his gang. Who’s the goon who did this and why?

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murderonthenile Murder on the Nile (for 6-20 players)
Lady Carmathen has been found dead on a cruise to celebrate a successful archaeological expedition funded by her husband. She was found in her cabin, brutally stabbed in the chest and left lying in a pool of blood.Has she met with the Curse of Tutankhamun, the Egyptian pharaoh, whose tomb was plundered by the archaeologists? Perhaps she simply got in someone’s way. However, her rubies are missing and the letter T has been smeared in lipstick on the mirror in her cabin. It’s time to find out the truth!Find out more…
midnightmalice Midnight Malice (for 6-12 players)

It is a dark and murky night in 1939. Count and Countess Nobbinovich are hosting their annual midnight supper at their grand estate on Nobbin Hill.

To everyone’s shock, their cook, Borstchta Tvarski, is found dead in the kitchen. All is not what it seems to be.

Can you help Inspector Claude Cluesnot solve this quandary and point the finger at one of the illustrious suspects before the food or the blood is cold?

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murderatcurstmansion Murder at Curst Mansion (for 6-12 players)

It is the roaring-twenties and the famous millionaire William Curst is hosting another decadent evening at his infamous mansion. However, the festivities are soon cut short when a local journalist, Oscar Tame, is found dead on the Curst property!

All the guests present are being considered as suspects and for good reason too – it appears that they all have something to hide! Everyone is desperately trying to implicate someone else in this gruesome event!

It is up to you to work out who is the guilty party. Who has forgotten to cover their tracks?

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stiffedatthespeakeasy Stiffed at the Speakeasy (for 6-12 players)

Al Scapone – the Godfather of the infamous Scapone family and master criminal lies dead – gunned down in his own club!

Word of this hit gets out and the whole balance of power in the city could be thrown into chaos. Al’s murder needs to be resolved – and fast – to restore the credibility of the family.

The question is: can the killer be found, or some scapegoat framed, before the end of the night?

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deathcomestodownturn Death Comes to Downturn (for 6-20 players – ALL GIRL)

Downturn Shabby, the ancestral home of the Earl and Countess of Grandham is hosting a shooting party, but when the Earl is found dead in the library suspicion falls not on the blood-thirsty men who are grouse-shooting, but the gossiping, tea-drinking ladies who have gathered for the evening’s dinner party.

The question on everyone’s lips is who hand bagged the Earl and why?

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takedownatthetate Take down at the Tate (for 6-12 players)
It is 1931, and Ronnie MacIntosh, the famous artist, has arranged for a private art exhibition for his friends before the Tate Gallery opens his work to the public.However, when all the guests arrive MacIntosh is nowhere to be found – alive that is.Taking artwork to a new height Ronnie appears to have committed suicide and is found hung from the ceiling surrounded by empty bottles of expensive champagne. Beside him is a small plaque which reads: “Pickled Artist”. As a career move it certainly increases the value of his sales – but did he really commit suicide, or was he murdered by one of his guests?Find out more…
dishonouronthermsgigantic Dishonour on the RMS Gigantic (for 6-12 players) Mystery only (no murder)

As floods cut off the village of West Wettering, rich recluse Gregory Groucher has been obliged to shelter stranded locals and visitors in his stately home. While they have been enjoying a rare visit to his manor house, albeit under difficult circumstances, news comes that their host’s body has been found in the swollen river.

Was this an unfortunate accident or was it something more sinister? Like murder perhaps!

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Flexible and fun!

We contacted Red-Herring-Games for a party for a special occasion. Why going to restaurants to eat is the preferred activity to mark milestones is beyond me and my friends.   The choice of mystery was obvious, looking at the options from New Zealand on the web Red Herring stuck out from the international options.  A quick look at the site and games showed subtlety as well a range of choices.  The numbers you could have for each evening was important,  Red Herring had scaling options a good range of scenarios but most importantly were Jo and team being flexible, responsive and helpful.

Rachel McWilliam, Arts Development Officer, Lincs Inspire

Thank you Red Herring Games for the marvellous 'Murder!  Cargo Connections?' event that you organised for us as part of Museums at Night at the Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby. The whole evening went so well and was brilliant fun.  I know from all the feedback that our visitors had a fantastic time. It was really good working with you and I have no doubt that we will do again in the not too distant future.  

A. Nonymous (council employee)

I would like to thank you and your colleague for helping contribute towards our successful conference last month.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy the evening and it was rewarding that so many delegates were able to participate in addition to the main "Actors".  Our conference evaluation froms included the following comments:
  • "Enjoyed the evening entertainment!"
  • The evening entertainment was great and the confusion made it great fun!"
With thanks and best wishes.

Sarah Spencer (Cleethorpes Chronicle)

I had no idea what to expect before purchasing a ticket for Old, New, Borrowed, Blue, which was being staged at a nearby hotel, and feared it might involve taking part in some way. However thankfully for me no acting was necessary, just some amateur sleuthing. "Wedding guests" of which I was one, were called upon to move from room to room in the hotel in groups, questioning a number of possible murderers with the aim of solving the mystery of the dead bridegroom. The interviewees were really fun characters and gave us all some good laughs. Of course they all had motives and it was a case of identifying the shiftiest. The wedding theme was particularly good, as it fitted well with the venue, the buffet that was part of the evening (with a wedding cake in the middle) and the fact that everyone had been able to dress up to fit in without going to the trouble of fancy dress. I didn't think I had enough "evidence" to actually accuse anyone but later regretted not even writing down my first guess as it wouldn't have been too far off the mark. The evening was great fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it and take part. I would definitely recommend Old, New, Borrowed, Blue as good for getting even reluctant or first-time mystery party-goers involved.  

Alan Young (Personal Touch Mortgages)

What a cracking nights entertainment! We don't get out much nowadays with 2 kids and this was exactly what we were looking for in a good night out. Lots of fun with tongue firmly in cheek and everyone kept guessing whodunnit right to the very end. Would definitely attend another!!!!!  


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