COVID-19 please stay safe and sane!

I’m sure it’s not just me that thinks we’ve been dropped unsuspectingly into a science fiction novel.

Every morning I wake up and think “Woah… that was a crazy dream” then turn on the news and think – “uh… not a dream then.”

Times like this it’s really important a) to keep safe, b) to follow government advice and c) to not panic.

With all the uncertainty in the news and the worries and anxieties both about the actual disease AND the ensuing economic chaos that is going to result from all the restrictions, now more than ever we all need a bit of hope, distraction and something to do.

So… for the next month or so, while nearly all our staff are working from home, all our events are cancelled and we’re just handling mail order and advance manufacturing – we’ve set the design team a challenge.

Between Jo, Della and Keiron we’re going to try and come up with a series of daily puzzles to keep you occupied.  Each will be delivered directly to your email address.  No purchase necessary.  You can join at any time and we’ll just start you on day 1.

Some days you may need to print them out in order to complete them – as they aren’t designed to need a screen, but some days you MAY be able to solve them without printing.

Feel free to print them and share hard copies with isolated elderly friends who like a challenge but aren’t internet savvy.

We aren’t going to bombard our regular newsletter list.  So if you want to get the puzzles – all you need to do is sign up to our special “COVID-19 Puzzles” newsletter.

We’ll keep them coming for as long as we are working under restrictions and depending on how long that lasts – you may find we have enough for a puzzle book!

Hope you all keep safe and well.

Please don’t feel isolated – if you want to chat feel free to call, email, message us on Facebook!

We will also be feeling a little stir crazy as we like our office community of pranks, dogs and silliness so we’ll be chatting and doing videos on Facebook from time to time.

Enjoy the puzzles!

Jo, Della, Faye, Paul, Keiron, Tina,

Floss, Freddie and Ida.  (the office dogs)