Ever felt like sometimes there’s just not enough time?

When you’ve got lots of friends, trying to keep up with them all can sometimes lead to you booking in dinner dates 6 months in advance.

A quicker way to touch base with your friends would be to see them all at the same time… but then there’s a problem…

Couple A doesn’t know Couple B, and Couple C doesn’t know either of them… in fact the only thing they have in common is you, which means you’re reluctant to have them all around together as you know, as host, you’ll be running between them all night trying to keep everyone happy and maintain the conversation.

In fact, rather than it being a nice catch up, it’d end up feeling more like a wedding, where the only thing in common is the bride or groom and you all end up making small talk with strangers…

Fear not! We have the solution that will make your entertaining nightmares go away!

Not only can you see all your friends at the same time, but that awkward need to find person appropriate small talk will vanish and you’ll be able to relax as host and just have a great time catching up.

The answer is, of course, to host a murder mystery dinner party!

Murder mystery dinners are ideal getting to know you ice breakers and are perfect for those dinner parties where you know couples don’t already know each other.

During the evening everyone becomes a new character so even if some couples know each other already, everyone is in the same boat as they all have to find out each other’s new personality.

The game structure ensures that everyone feels equally involved and no one is missed out of the conversation. There are none of those “awkward pauses” that can develop, as the flow of the evening progresses everyone from round to round and conversation to conversation.

Between the rounds guests can chat amongst themselves, and as the game has already broken much of the ice, you’ll find this conversation flows much more easily. But if it doesn’t, you always have the option to move swiftly on to the next round!

When we moved house 15 years ago, we used murder mystery dinner party games as a way of getting to know people quickly. The games meant we could get to know groups of people together at one time and also insert ourselves into pre-existing friendship groups without any awkwardness. The mystery dinner parties meant we could find out quickly who we gelled with without having to laboriously cover small talk and historical background with new faces. Instead we found out what we all found funny and what their personalities were like before we delved too deeply into personal information.

The added bonus was that with a murder mystery there was a set “end” to the evening. It meant no one was nervous about open ended party socialising with strangers. At the conclusion of the mystery, people could take their cue and leave if they wanted to, or if things were going well they could just keep on drinking and chatting.

We found lots of new friends through mystery dinner party playing. And as our friendships grew, we found we were inviting friends of friends along to the dinner evenings and meeting lots of new faces. Within a year of moving house, we had a wealth of friendships with neighbours, work colleagues, church friends, and more importantly quite a number of these people who wouldn’t ordinarily have met had also made friends with each other so we could invite them all around as a group again to something less structured.

These days, when we realise we’ve not seen people for a while and that there aren’t enough weekends in the year, we just start planning another mystery get together.

The only stress is making sure we have enough dinning chairs for the size of parties we want to host!


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Flexible and fun!

We contacted Red-Herring-Games for a party for a special occasion. Why going to restaurants to eat is the preferred activity to mark milestones is beyond me and my friends.   The choice of mystery was obvious, looking at the options from New Zealand on the web Red Herring stuck out from the international options.  A quick look at the site and games showed subtlety as well a range of choices.  The numbers you could have for each evening was important,  Red Herring had scaling options a good range of scenarios but most importantly were Jo and team being flexible, responsive and helpful.

Rachel McWilliam, Arts Development Officer, Lincs Inspire

Thank you Red Herring Games for the marvellous 'Murder!  Cargo Connections?' event that you organised for us as part of Museums at Night at the Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby. The whole evening went so well and was brilliant fun.  I know from all the feedback that our visitors had a fantastic time. It was really good working with you and I have no doubt that we will do again in the not too distant future.  

A. Nonymous (council employee)

I would like to thank you and your colleague for helping contribute towards our successful conference last month.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy the evening and it was rewarding that so many delegates were able to participate in addition to the main "Actors".  Our conference evaluation froms included the following comments:
  • "Enjoyed the evening entertainment!"
  • The evening entertainment was great and the confusion made it great fun!"
With thanks and best wishes.

Sarah Spencer (Cleethorpes Chronicle)

I had no idea what to expect before purchasing a ticket for Old, New, Borrowed, Blue, which was being staged at a nearby hotel, and feared it might involve taking part in some way. However thankfully for me no acting was necessary, just some amateur sleuthing. "Wedding guests" of which I was one, were called upon to move from room to room in the hotel in groups, questioning a number of possible murderers with the aim of solving the mystery of the dead bridegroom. The interviewees were really fun characters and gave us all some good laughs. Of course they all had motives and it was a case of identifying the shiftiest. The wedding theme was particularly good, as it fitted well with the venue, the buffet that was part of the evening (with a wedding cake in the middle) and the fact that everyone had been able to dress up to fit in without going to the trouble of fancy dress. I didn't think I had enough "evidence" to actually accuse anyone but later regretted not even writing down my first guess as it wouldn't have been too far off the mark. The evening was great fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it and take part. I would definitely recommend Old, New, Borrowed, Blue as good for getting even reluctant or first-time mystery party-goers involved.  

Alan Young (Personal Touch Mortgages)

What a cracking nights entertainment! We don't get out much nowadays with 2 kids and this was exactly what we were looking for in a good night out. Lots of fun with tongue firmly in cheek and everyone kept guessing whodunnit right to the very end. Would definitely attend another!!!!!  


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