A V.E. Day Disaster

After 6 long years of war Victory in Europe has finally be declared!

While a full demob is still many months ahead, those injured during the last months of the fighting are returning home and what a welcome they will receive!

Back in Woodall Spa, home of the famous Dam Busters Squadron, the town have pooled their rations and a big VE day celebration is planned in the officers mess.

All the town are invited.

However, just after the opening speech has been given, news arrives that a returning soldier has been discovered dead in the ditch on the outskirts of town.  Who is he?  And who would want to murder this returning hero on such an auspicious day?

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This Game is Rated:


This game contains:

Content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older.

Murder – Two murders are undertaken, so violence is suggested.
Suggestive Themes – Mild provocative references. One of the cast is has had an ongoing affair with another member of the cast which resulted in a child everyone suspects (but doesn’t know for certain) is not her real husband’s.  (It’s very Dad’s Army tame.)

What is included?

Example pre-printed boxed set

  • Full instructions

  • Scripts for each cast member

  • Character background for each cast member

  • Cast guidelines for each cast member

  • Invitation flyer (which you can copy to requirements)

  • Guest handout (which you can copy to requirements)

  • Guest instruction handouts x 12 copies

  • Clue labels

  • Any additional printable files as needed for clues

  • Access to digital files if needed



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How it works:

If you’re looking for a murder mystery evening which supplies entertaining sleuthing while you dine, then our Dinner Theatre style murder mystery evenings are just what you are looking for.

Each mystery is designed to be run in one room within a hotel/restaurant setting during a three course meal.

There are five suspects (the cast). One murder occurs before the event (the discovery of the body usually begins the evening) and one murder occurs mid-way through the evening. The dead body usually comes back as the inspector for the denouement. You can have a separate actor play this role if you prefer.

A stage manager is also useful for this type of script.

These mysteries are written as interactive dinner theatre with a series of scripts as well as interactive questioning by the guests. The emphasis is fun and melodrama and the plays require an experienced set of actors to learn back story. This style of script is NOT for novice actors due to the amount of line learning, and requirement to be confident ad-libbing.

A good team of actors will usually need between 4-6 rehearsals, OR to learn the scripts and back story in advance and an intensive afternoon of rehearsals on the day before the show.

The plots require props and often theatre blood. These props are often not too difficult to obtain. It’s usually things like knives, glasses, guns (fake obviously!), and small stage props e.g. handbags. Sound effects are also often minimal. Though some plots do benefit from having access to a starter pistol.

Each “download and print at home” kit is provided as a zip file containing a set of PDF files for you to print at home.

Each game requires use of a printer and A4 paper (approx. 80 sheets for a script), and some ideas for flyers/invitations you can send out.  It is expected you’ll create your own props as needed by the games (these aren’t complicated) and make amendments to printed elements to personalize them to your event.

When you order the game you’ll be sent a link to download the files you need.  The file will be a zip file.  This can be opened with a zip compatible program on your computer.  If you struggle to open zip files – we can email you the game directly over several emails instead – just contact us after purchase to arrange this.

We usually recommend purchasing a downloadable copy of a script – if you decide you’d rather have us print a copy for you – you can ring up and upgrade to a printed set and we can quote to amend invitation flyers and include details for your event if you wanted at this point.

You will download the following files:

  • How to use this game
  • Instructions for running the murder mystery (includes theme decoration suggestions)
  • Scripts
  • Character backstories
  • Invitations/flyer suggestion
  • Money off voucher towards next purchase

This is the easiest way to play.  Everything you need will arrive in a box, pre-printed, directly to your door.

You will receive through the post:

  • Instruction booklet explaining how to run the murder mystery (includes theme decoration suggestions)
  • 2 copies of the invitations so you can amend to your venue.
  • Scripts (enough for all actors)
  • Character backstories
  • Invitations/flyer suggestion
  • Money off voucher towards next purchase (printed inside the instruction booklet)

We always ship within 24 hours meaning orders arrive as quickly as possible.

As each game is printed on demand, we can also provide a customisation service on any order.  See details further down the page on what we can do to tailor this game to your party.

Characters in the game:

Hugo Furst (Wing Commander)

Brave and daring, and quite the charmer with the ladies, Hugo finally hung up his flying gear to pilot a desk, and has been running the unit with considerable efficiency and aplomb.

 Izzy Able (Baker)

A capable woman, left to run the bakery while her husband fights in the war, Izzy is an attractive lady with a natural banter for all her customers.

 Aldous Able (Gofer)

Young, enthusiastic and accident prone, Aldous still has a tendency to cling to his mother’s apron when all goes horribly wrong.

Doug Trenches (Builder)

Discharged from active service due to injury, Doug has returned to his building trade and remains lean, strong, and good at wolf whistling.

June Bugg (Land Army Girl)

Feisty and forthright, June has green fingers and a fine figure from all her work out in the fields.