19th – 20th September

Virtual Murder Mystery Weekend



The year is 1934. The great depression is over, the pound is competing with the dollar on the open exchange and there is a rise in business of all shapes and sizes.

It is a time of prosperity for the social elite, but the Great War has cut a swathe through the male population and there isn’t a family in England that is untouched. Fathers, husbands, sons… all were lost in the trenches, and there is a whole generation of women growing up without any prospect of marriage.

Families fortunate enough to have the resources or connections have begun sending their daughters to the colonies in the hope of finding a suitable match.

One of the ships making regular trips to the colonies is the S.S. Ranchi. Owned by the Pacific and Orient Steam Ship Navigation Company she sails a regular route between England, Bombay and Australia. 547 long and 71 feet wide, she carries both passengers and cargo and as well as civilians, her cabins are regularly occupied by military personnel and government officials who are travelling to and from the various outposts of the British Empire.

Join us for this virtual sailing as we depart for the colonies. Meet the characters from Cosykiller “An inheritance of murder” as they try to solve a murder most foul!