“Super Blooper”

19th June 2020

7.30 pm (Eastern Time) 4.30pm (Pacific Time)

Join us for our premiere of the mystery Abba Tribute spoof show “Super Blooper”

Experience the fun as our live virtual interactive theatre is brought directly to your living room via zoom!  This is a “mystery only” production – much harder to plot and solve than our traditional murder mysteries – which makes it really solid entertainment and good family friendly fun!




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Tickets cost just $6 per household


Super Blooper the worlds premiere Abba Tribute band have travelled to Amsterdam for their latest European tour.

Their presence in the city hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fans who are now flocking to what was originally a “top secret” hotel – causing traffic chaos and noise pollution!

Unfortunately on arrival in Skipol earlier that day their instruments and luggage were misplaced.

When the luggage does finally show up – the recovered equipment is also followed by Ivor Dreme of Interpol who wants to know the connnection between the group and some phoney funny money that has been found in circulation in various capital cities following the group’s concerts.

However along with the phoney funny money is another mystery for the inspector as Jimmy Gimigimi’s guitar has mysteriously dissappeared!  Who took it?  And does it have anything to do with the phoney funny money?

Gather your friends and family for some Abba themed fun!

If you haven’t gathered a team yet, then tell your friends to grab their platform shoes ready to join us for the event!  They better be quick about it if they want to join you – our events sell out fast!!

Fancy dress optional – but if you’re coming on screen during the show – we would love to see you themed up! 

What will you need on the night?

You don’t “need” anything – but you may want to have:
– a notebook and pen to hand
– some snacks and drinks 
– a team to help you solve the case.  Whether it’s just your family, or a group of friends on another video chat.

Remember – Zoom gets a bit cranky if you try to do too many things at once at the same time – so it’s a good idea to assemble your posse on another group ap e.g. Facebook messenger, houseparty, or whatsapp or have another member of the family signed into their zoom account separate to yours so you can discuss the case between all your friends as you as you go along.

If you think you’ll want to ask a question live – make sure you know how to work your webcam and have an operational mic.

How long will the evening last?

We’re aiming to wrap up within 2 hours.  So make sure you give yourself enough time in to play and don’t have another place to be!

Meet the Suspects:

Walter Lew– Male vocalist

Enjoying the limelight and quite the performer, Walter is prone to mood swings and is NOT a man to be crossed.

Whilst on stage he is the consummate professional.  His skills are only marred by his enormous ego and artistic mood swings.  These make him very difficult to work with  off-stage and he is the cause of no end of disagreements.

TESS O’ESS – Female vocalist.

Popular with the fans, Tess loves her 70s fashion and is never short of admirers.

She is supersticious despite being well educated and it’s a little known fact that Tess is one of the few band members with a university degree in applied science.

She’s devoted to her career and loves the group, though rumour has it she’s been seeing someone on and off during the tour.

JIMMY GIMMIGIMMI – Male vocalist

A tad unkempt, Jimmy is the strong, silent type.  Some might even say sulky…

The main songwriter in the group Jimmy is the son of a well known country star.  He shocked his parents when he went into the world of pop rock instead of joining his family in the country scene.

In spite of his surprising career choice his family have always been very supportive  and when his father sadly passed away on stage just before Jimmy was signed as the lead in Super Blooper, Jimmy inherited his cherished guitar – which he now uses at every performance.


DAVINA TEKSITTAL – Female vocalist.

The more outrageous member of the group, Davina Teksittal has been the centre of every scandal and regularly makes the news.

Since the band became popular she has dated many prominent VIPs including footballers, singers, actors and even a member of parliament!  However fans were delighted when she and Walter became an item two years ago.  Sadly – even their relationship didn’t last long.

Davina is a woman who knows what she likes and doesn’t like.

DAN SEQUIN Band manager.

Arrogant and cocky, Dan Sequin is an experienced band manager whose strength and resolve ensures continued success.

A stereotypical brash loudmouth, Dan love himself above all else except money.

He knows how much his own success is reliant on the success of the band, and so he is constantly vigilant with regards to the public image the band portrays.

FERN ANDO – Tour manager.

Smart and competent but under constant verbal abuse from the band, Fern Ando suffers everything without complaint as she loves her job!

An essential part of the crew.  Fern might not sing or play any instruments but no one is under any illusion that the tours would fail without her unerring support.

That said, she is probably the worse treated member of the team.  She rarely receives any public attention or recognition for the efforts she puts in.

This latest tour has clearly taken it’s toll on Fern and anyone that knows her is aware of  just how emotionally drained and exhausted she has become.   It doesn’t help that Dan keeps firing her interns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the course of an hour and a half we will be presenting a murder mystery play to you live on air.

Yes! It’s live rather than recorded.  This means whatever happens, happens!  It also means you can interact with the cast during the performance by asking questions via the text chat and they will respond to you!

There are three options available to you as viewers.  You can ask a question (formal) you can chat via text chat to other guests and the cast.  And you can “raise your hand” which we will ask you to do at the end when we get to “free style questions!”

The evening will break naturally into three sections.  With two sets of pictorial evidence to review and three scenes where the cast share information with you.  We will have two comfort break pauses and some time for you to draw some conclusions of your own at the end.

There will also be a live questioning session for serious sleuths who want to join us on the video feed to pose their own questions towards the end of the evening.  We probably won’t be able to get everyone up – but if you want that chance – do make sure you’re dressed appropriately and that you have a webcam and mic that both work.

No – don’t worry – no one else can see you.  If you want to sit in your pajamas stuffing your face with Ben and Jerries ice-cream – no one will be any the wiser!

HOWEVER – there will come a point in the evening where we will be inviting people who are interested in being live on air to join us to ask questions.  And if you think you’d like to do that, then be sure you’re dressed appropriately to the theme and sporting a great accent!  We’d love to see you in costume!  (Though it’s not compulsory!)

We will be asking for guesses at the end via a poll (that’s another thing you can do in the audience).  Obviously when we run events live this is all rather more exciting as there are prizes too – but for the virtual performances we simply can’t do that so we use the poll to see how many of you guess right, and then provide the solution at the end.

It’s very difficult creating an audience feel when we’re all in isolation.  But we really encourage you to build an audience of your own by getting friends along to the same event.

You will be able to chat openly via the text chat with people from other houses and other countries, but you don’t want to be revealing your hidden ideas like that – instead what we’d suggest is that you gather a group of friends via another chat medium like whatsapp, houseparty, googlehangouts or facebook messenger, or even have another device signed into a different zoom account so the two don’t contradict each other while the webinar is working.

By assembling a “posse” of your own in this way you get the experience of being in an audience as you’ll be able to chat with each other while the performance is acting out in front of you.  It’s also a fun thing to do together.

Sadly not – the links are unique.  They’re also unique to the email you used to sign up.  So if you have another zoom account in a different email address make sure you uninstall zoom and reinstall it fresh before you try to access the webinar.

We often get a few people who can’t sign in as they signed up with a different email address or tried to get two people in on one ticket.  Zoom gets really cranky if it thinks others are trying to access the private webinar.

Tickets sell out really quickly for our events, so if you want to collect some friends to play with – make sure you get them to sign up to the same event as you quickly!

Tickets are sold “per household” if you’re both in the same house and plan to watch the show on the same PC you only need 1 ticket.

Friends outside your house do need to sign up directly themselves to access the webinar. 

If you want to pay for your friends ticket – you can do – just use their email on registration – and pay using your Paypal account.  They’ll then get their own email to join!

We would recommend you try signing in from at least 7.15pm. This gives you 15 minutes to do some trouble shooting.

Troubleshooting tips…

If you have issues getting onto the zoom webinar there are a few things it could be…

1) your zoom account may not be the same one you used to sign up – you will need to ensure you sign in with an account linked to the email you signed up and paid with. Sometimes people have two zoom accounts, or have the ap already installed and it confuses zoom if you have a different account registered to a different email address. If you aren’t sure, try uninstalling zoom, before clicking on the link in the email and redownloading the software.   That way there’ll be no cookies causing issues for you.

2) zoom might just be “having a moment” and sometimes if you simply restart your PC it fixes the zoom ap.  This happens ALL THE TIME!  It’s not somethign we can fix, and we’ve no idea why turning the PC off and on helps. But it usually fixes it!  That’s one of the reasons we suggest signing in early!  It gives you a window to restart your PC.

3) you may have “shared” your ticket email with a friend. If you have, and they’ve signed in before you with that link then they have your place! Sorry – but that’s how it works. Every person needs their own ticket.

4) You might need a password – the password is provided in the invitation email.  If you haven’t got it or can’t find it on the night – look there.  It’s often located on that email in plain text near the link.

5) Try accessing the webinar on a different device. But make sure you shut the first device down before you do so the webinar doesn’t think you’re still in and trying access it twice.

If none of the above works – you can try calling us on +44 7985953768 

I’m afraid we won’t answer the phone after 7.30pm. As at that point we’ll be working all the tech.
We’ll ask you to try option 1 and 2 and 5 above. And other than that – we probably won’t have any other bright ideas – as the software is run by Zoom not us. So we probably won’t be able to help… but you never know… 

If you can’t get in after several attempts and miss the event do let us know by email and we’ll refund your ticket after we’ve checked the zoom attendees list for the webinar. If someone else signed in with your account, the webinar will log their attendance.

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