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Italian Themed Murder Mystery

Pizza, Passion and Pasta

Popular with both the local residents and the passing tourists, Politana’s is the place for a romantic meal for two or trendy dining with friends. Within its walls homemade pasta is combined with excellent local produce, and customers are assured of experiencing the most wonderful and delightful flavours associated with Italy during their meal.

Passion is at the heart of the Italian people, and Politana’s is a passionate establishment, passionate about food, passionate about quality and passionate about the customers it serves.

Unfortunately, this evening the customers at Politana’s are also witnesses to the ultimate crime of passion – murder. The question is: can they solve the crime by the end of the night?

Dinner Theatre Murder Mystery Script

Pizza, Passion and Pasta

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How do dinner theatre scripts work?

If you’re looking for a murder mystery evening which supplies entertaining sleuthing while you dine, then our Dinner Theatre style murder mystery evenings are just what you are looking for.

Each mystery is designed to be run in one room within a hotel/restaurant setting during a three course meal.

There are five suspects (the cast). One murder occurs before the event (the discovery of the body usually begins the evening) and one murder occurs mid-way through the evening. The dead body usually comes back as the inspector for the denouement. You can have a separate actor play this role if you prefer.

A stage manager is also useful for this type of script.

These mysteries are written as interactive dinner theatre with a series of scripts as well as interactive questioning by the guests. The emphasis is fun and melodrama and the plays require an experienced set of actors to learn back story. This style of script is NOT for novice actors due to the amount of line learning, and requirement to be confident ad-libbing.

A good team of actors will usually need between 4-6 rehearsals, OR to learn the scripts and back story in advance and an intensive afternoon of rehearsals on the day before the show.

The plots require props and often theatre blood. These props are often not too difficult to obtain. It’s usually things like knives, glasses, guns (fake obviously!), and small stage props e.g. handbags. Sound effects are also often minimal. Though some plots do benefit from having access to a starter pistol.

Introducing the suspects

Neo Politana – Ristorante owner
Warm hearted and generous in both proportions and gestures, Neo Politana is an emotional family man.

Cosimo Politana – Neo’s Son
A trained lawyer and the exact opposite of his expressive father, Cosimo is always well pressed, and dressed to impress.

Michelle Angelo – Neo’s Girlfriend
A mature attractive woman, it is hard to see why Michelle Angelo has remained single. However, one thing’s for certain, she doesn’t intend to remain that way.

Cara Bonara – Waitress
Flirtatious and fun, Cara Bonara has many attractive qualities and knows exactly how to show them off to best effect.

Margarita Pizza – Waitress
Pregnant and glowing, Margarita is still efficient, even if a little emotional.

1 review for Pizza, Passion and Pasta

  1. Happy Customer

    We produced ‘Pizza, Passion and Pasta’ as the first show by our newly formed Amateur Theatre group in Leiestershire (Kit Kat Productions), in order to raise some funds so that we can put on a musical at some point in the future! We ran the Murder Mystery across three nights in local restaurants and both restaurants provided a three-course Italian meal with pre-dinner cocktails and after dinner coffee. The event was a sell-out and got rave reviews from audience members as well as the local critic that attended. It is a very funny script and we had lots of fun both rehearsing and performing it. The over-the-top Italian accents were fun to do as well! We added a solo musical number for Michelle Angelo to perform as she is supposed to be a singer anyway. We chose ‘Be Italian’ from the musical ‘Nine’, the lyrics for which are ideal for this show! It also enabled Michelle to engage with the audience and flirt a bit with the men! As we are all amateur actors anyway, it wasn’t problematic for us to learn our lines. We were also very familiar with our character backgrounds in order to answer the audience’s questions, although this was embellished on considerably, especially by the third evening!! If you would like to see photos from ‘Pizza, Passion and Pasta’, they can be found on our website which is – Following on from the success of this, we have been invited back to one of the venues to run a murder mystery at Christmas (A Criminal Christmas Caper) which we were initally performing four times over two weekends in December. However, because all of the tickets had sold out by the end of September, we have now added another night! I highly recommend this script to anyone wanting to put on a cast based murder mystery. We were also really impressed with the quality of additional material supplied in addition to the script itself, which gives you everything you need to put on a really fun evening!

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Need something bespoke?

Customise this game

This game can be customised to fit your event for an additional fee.

It’s hard to give “ball park” figures for what different customisations would cost however we’ve attempted to HERE.

Please do contact us for a free quote if you would like any customisations on your game before purchase.

Remember… if you just need 1 extra person, or 1 less person, why not have someone play the inspector role?

The inspector can usually be male or female as the “for real” inspector can simply invent a new name for themselves.

Some hosts prefer to play the inspector role as it means they can work on the catering while the round plays out amongst their guests.


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