Old, New, Borrowed, Blue…

For couples in love, a wedding is a dream come true, a magical day, and a chance to celebrate their love in a truly memorable way.

Indeed – this was the case for Miles and Sky, who requested the pleasure of your company for their evening reception.

Unfortunately the nuptial celebrations have gone badly wrong, and what was a wedding is now a wake.

Miles High has been murdered!  The police have been summoned.

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This Game is Rated:


This game contains:

Content that may be suitable for ages 17 and older.

Murder – One murder has been undertaken, so violence is suggested.
Suggestive Themes – Mild/Medium provocative references or materials.
Blood – Depictions of blood
Mature Humor – Depictions or dialogue involving “adult” humor, including sexual references
Sexual Themes – Mild to moderate sexual references and/or depictions. May include partial nudity (bride lifts dress to show bloodstained garter!)
Use of Alcohol – The consumption of alcoholic beverages

What is included?

Example pre-printed boxed set

  • Full instructions

  • Scripts for each cast member

  • Invitation flyer (which you can copy to requirements)

  • Clue Labels

  • Guest handout (which you can copy to requirements)

  • Access to digital files if needed

  • Character background for each cast member

  • Cast guidelines for each cast member

  • Any additional printable files as needed for clues

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2 reviews for Old, New, Borrowed, Blue…

  1. Happy Customer

    What a wonderful evenings entertainment. Just when I thought I had figured out who the murderer was and the reason more clues were given to throw a spanner in the works . My guess was right and yet wrong because of the fantastic twists in the story. It certainly kept me guessing.

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How it works:

Multi-room events are designed to be run in multiple rooms in a venue and are a great way of showing off your premises, or getting maximum footfall through what would otherwise be too small a venue for a traditional murder mystery evening.

These events have proved very popular with the guests, as it encourages them to interrogate the suspects and locate clues hidden around the building. There are usually seven to eight cast, one murder occurs before the evening and the crime scene is set up in one of the rooms in the venue.

The instructions document (the sample file attached) contains the details of the physical clues you will need to obtain for the evening – these are usually easy to obtain props, and some games have paper clues within them too.

We usually suggest a roving buffet as the guests move between rooms, but some hosts prefer to have a formal two-course meal mid-way through the evening.

For these events guests require a special handout and a pen/pencil to keep track of information presented to them.

The scripts are, in the main, monologues which means they can be learned ahead of the event by the actors. Two actors will share a duologue.

Due to the nature of these events, and the need for each guest to have a hand-out, we will only print one copy of each file when ordered as a printed kit. If you wish further copies of the guest handout – please get in touch so we can find out how many copies you need and provide you with a quote.

Each “download and print at home” kit is provided as a zip file containing a set of PDF files for you to print at home, and a selection of MP3 files to use on the night.

Each dinner party game requires use of a printer and A4 paper (approx. 80 sheets for a 6 player kit – 240 sheets for a 20 player kit), envelopes so you can send out your invitations, and either a laptop or MP3 player (e.g. an ipod) to play the inspector MP3s; OR a CD burner so you can burn the MP3s onto a CD to run in an ordinary CD player.

When you order the game you’ll be sent a link to download the files you need.  The file will be a zip file.  This can be opened with a zip compatible program on your computer.  If you struggle to open zip files – we can email you the game directly over several emails instead – just contact us after purchase to arrange this.

You will download the following files:

  • How to use this game
  • Instructions for running the murder mystery
  • Making the most of your theme- ideas for decoration / activities.
  • Invitations
  • Character Booklets (available in single sided printer and double sided printer format)
  • Scripted for the inspector character (available in single sided printer and double sided printer format)
  • Solution script for the inspector character (needed when printing from the single sided copy)
  • MP3 files for the inspector character (dialogue and solution)
  • Hints and tips
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Money off voucher towards next purchase

This is the easiest way to play.  Everything you need will arrive in a box, pre-printed, directly to your door.

You will receive through the post:

  • Instruction booklet (includes hints and tips)
  • Invitations and envelopes for all the guests
  • Character booklets
  • CD of the inspector
  • Inspector script in a sealed envelope so you don’t find out the solution by accident!
  • Making the most of your theme and recipe suggestion booklet.
  • Money off voucher towards next purchase (printed inside the booklets)

We always ship within 24 hours meaning orders arrive as quickly as possible.

As each game is printed on demand, we can also provide a customisation service on any order.  See details further down the page on what we can do to tailor this game to your party.

Characters in the game:

Sky High (Bride)
The blushing bride and now the distraught widow, Sky has found today a little overwhelming, and is not her usual calmly composed self. Even so, as an air stewardess at least she knows where the exits are when tonight gets too much!

Ed High (Best Man)
Twin brother of the recently deceased groom, Ed is just as gorgeous a hunk and what is more – is still an eligible bachelor!

Dee Spencer (Bridesmaid)
Slightly uncomfortable in heels and satin, Dee made a bee-line for the free bar as soon as her formal duties as bridesmaid were over.

Heath Roe (Usher)
The dashing co-pilot of the deceased, Heath is never short of female friends, and weddings are the perfect place to pull.

Amy High (Stepmother of the Groom)
A young, attractive and highly desirable lady, Amy positively encourages attention of any description, especially since her recent bereavement.

Matt Prints (Photographer)
Snap happy and fond of formal poses, Matt Prints was here to record the special day – and may yet make a killing selling his photographs to the local press!

Randy Crooner (Wedding Singer)
With a deep, sensual voice and swinging hips, Randy Crooner has all the melodies, moves and grooves needed for truly spectacular vocal entertainment.

Detective Inspector Dick Lacey (Detective)
Detective Inspector Dick Lacey is the detective sent to solve the case. He provides the solution speech at the end of the evening.