Murder at Midwynter Manor

The villagers of Midwynter always welcome an invitation to Midwynter Manor, so they are delighted when they are asked to enjoy Lord Midwynter’s hospitality at the 25th birthday party of his long-lost grandchild, with whom he has only recently been reunited.

However, not everyone is delighted when Lord Midwynter announces that he intends to change his will and make his grandchild the sole heir. Before long, the celebrations are cut short by a dreadful murder and the guests are asked to help solve the case.

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This game contains:

Content that may be suitable for ages 17 and older.

Murder – Once murder occurs pre-game and one during the game.
Relationships – Affairs are mentioned in the clues, and there are also paternity issues.

What is included?

Example pre-printed boxed set

  • Full instructions

  • Scripts for each cast member

  • Invitation flyer (which you can copy to requirements)

  • Table Clues (part A and B)

  • Guest instruction handouts x 12 copies

  • CD-ROM of printable files you can use to print duplicate materials as needed


1 review for Murder at Midwynter Manor

  1. blackboxyouthplayhouse (verified owner)

    We produced this as a fundraising event for 160 guests at a local church. We hadn’t done anything besides a play/performance format before, so were uncertain how this would go over. It was a HUGE success! The audience was extremely engaged in the business of sleuthing. A week later, and we’re still getting lots of positive feedback, and have even been approached by two of the guests who wish to hold similar events for their own non-profits. I look forward to doing many more of these in the future!

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How it works:

This format of game is ideal for novice hosts.

This particular game format requires 7 (or 8) cast who can also participate as “detectives” to if wished, use of 1 large room with stage area, and a few easy to obtain prop clues.

This mystery requires very little rehearsal time, and the cast do not need to learn any lengthy back story. Cast can usually manage to perform the short skits after just 30 minutes to an hour run through on the day, or can act “script in hand” throughout the performance.

Two murders occurs during the event. Usually one happens before the first script (and is announced within that script, and one occurs mid way through the evening.

Your guests will play the role of detectives. You can have any number of detectives, your only limit is the size of your room, and confidence of your cast. Performing for large groups over 100 in number, your cast may benefit from added sound support.

The audience will watch 2 fully acted scenes, witness two murders and will be required to solve the case by bartering and exchanging clues between the teams in order to see as much information about the case as possible.

This style of murder mystery usually works best with 40+ guests.

Each “download and print at home” kit is provided as a zip file containing a set of PDF files for you to print at home, and a selection of MP3 files to use on the night.

Each dinner party game requires use of a printer and A4 paper (approx. 80 sheets for a 6 player kit – 240 sheets for a 20 player kit), envelopes so you can send out your invitations, and either a laptop or MP3 player (e.g. an ipod) to play the inspector MP3s; OR a CD burner so you can burn the MP3s onto a CD to run in an ordinary CD player.

When you order the game you’ll be sent a link to download the files you need.  The file will be a zip file.  This can be opened with a zip compatible program on your computer.  If you struggle to open zip files – we can email you the game directly over several emails instead – just contact us after purchase to arrange this.

You will download the following files:

  • How to use this game
  • Instructions for running the murder mystery
  • Making the most of your theme- ideas for decoration / activities.
  • Invitations
  • Character Booklets (available in single sided printer and double sided printer format)
  • Scripted for the inspector character (available in single sided printer and double sided printer format)
  • Solution script for the inspector character (needed when printing from the single sided copy)
  • MP3 files for the inspector character (dialogue and solution)
  • Hints and tips
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Money off voucher towards next purchase

This is the easiest way to play.  Everything you need will arrive in a box, pre-printed, directly to your door.

You will receive through the post:

  • Instruction booklet (includes hints and tips)
  • Invitations and envelopes for all the guests
  • Character booklets
  • CD of the inspector
  • Inspector script in a sealed envelope so you don’t find out the solution by accident!
  • Making the most of your theme and recipe suggestion booklet.
  • Money off voucher towards next purchase (printed inside the booklets)

We always ship within 24 hours meaning orders arrive as quickly as possible.

As each game is printed on demand, we can also provide a customisation service on any order.  See details further down the page on what we can do to tailor this game to your party.

Characters in the game:

Detective Inspector Barney Bee – The policeman sent to solve the crime
Efficient in his own peculiar way, D.I. Barney Bee has an unusual method of solving crimes – he involves everyone!

Lord Peter Midwynter – Lord of the manor
Almost 70, Lord Midwynter is aristocratic, arrogant and irascible. His manners, speech and dress are formal and he believes in doing things properly. (Lord Midwynter dies in round 1, so with a quick change of clothes, he can also play the Inspector.) .

Lady Penelope Midwynter – Lord Midwynter’s second wife
Twenty years younger than her husband, plump, placid and very pretty, Lady Midwynter is usually both charming and contented. What she lacks in brains, she makes up for in decorative value and is always beautifully dressed, coiffured and perfumed.

Carrie Point – Lord Midwynter’s private secretary
Carrie Point is in her early 30s, brisk, cool, efficient and very reserved. She makes her points effectively and acts decisively. She wears smart, tailored suits and speaks quietly, calmly and clearly.

Les Powers – Lord Midwynter’s second cousin and estate manager
Dressed in slightly shabby tweeds, Les Power is an amiable, blustering buffoon in his 50s who muddles along, doing his best.

Wyn Power – Les’s wife
Overdressed in flashy jewellery and flamboyant, badly-cut clothes, Wyn Powers betrays her lack of class. Pushy, vulgar and overbearing, her voice is nasal and whiny and she continually criticises those around her, especially her husband, Les

Felicio Fortunato – Lord Midwynter’s long-lost grandson
Elegant, handsome and dressed in the latest fashion, Felicio is 25 today and only recently arrived in England. Felicio’s English is impeccable, although spoken with a strong Latin American accent that somehow conveys an air of faint amusement at the quaintness of the local customs.

Justin Law – Solicitor
Elderly, grey-haired, bespectacled, suited and with a permanent stoop, Justin Law is the archetypal family solicitor. Speaking in lengthy sentences and using much legal jargon, he seems only interested in matters of the law and is never seen without a briefcase and a pile of papers.