Death at the Double D Ranch

It’s the old Wild West and local ranch owner, Dray Duncan, is holding his annual Barn Party Barbeque.

Just as the guests are arriving, poor Dray is found dead in the bunkhouse. Things look mighty confusin’; sumthin’ don’t add up. Did he die from natural causes or could this be a case of homicide at the hoedown?

Help Sheriff Remington and the rest of his posse figure out what really happened!

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Earn up to 55 Loyalty Points.

Hire an actor to play the detective – prices start at £291 contact us for more information.

This Game is Rated:


This game contains:

Content that may be suitable for persons ages 13 and older.

Sexual Themes – Thwarted romantic non-sexual liaisons mentioned.
A murder – violence suggested.
Comic Mischief – Depictions or dialogue involving slapstick or suggestive humor.
Suggestive Themes – Mild references or materials and innuendo.
Drug references – Whisky, drunk exessively and smoking the peace pipe is also mentioned.

What is included?

Example pre-printed boxed set


Character booklets/scripts


Inspector CD / script


Instruction book


Decoration and recipe suggestions




Character name Labels


Invitation envelopes


2 reviews for Death at the Double D Ranch

  1. Happy Customer

    This was our third annual mystery for my Square Dance Club and was the best yet. Combining square dancing with a murder mystery theme is great. Over 70 people enjoyed trying to solve the crime. We had a stage, props, costumes, and of course, BBQ. THANKS to Red Herring for a great time. Gene Aldridge

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How it works:

Don’t panic! There is no special acting required. Guests do not need to memorise any information, and everything they need to play their parts is provided in a handy booklet. The games are constructed so that everyone has to interact, and scripted dialogues are included to help break the ice and get everyone into character. Even total novices get into the swing of things quite quickly!

The game includes both sound files (MP3 with a download or CD with a boxed set) and a script for the inspector character who provides the setting, clues, and summaries for each round, as well as the final solution. This means as host you too can play and remain completely in the dark as to the culprit, or play the inspector yourself and invite an extra guest to the party!

Each “download and print at home” kit is provided as a zip file containing a set of PDF files for you to print at home, and a selection of MP3 files to use on the night.

Each dinner party game requires use of a printer and A4 paper (approx. 80 sheets for a 6 player kit – 240 sheets for a 20 player kit), envelopes so you can send out your invitations, and either a laptop or MP3 player (e.g. an ipod) to play the inspector MP3s; OR a CD burner so you can burn the MP3s onto a CD to run in an ordinary CD player.

When you order the game you’ll be sent a link to download the files you need.  The file will be a zip file.  This can be opened with a zip compatible program on your computer.  If you struggle to open zip files – we can email you the game directly over several emails instead – just contact us after purchase to arrange this.

You will download the following files:

  • How to use this game
  • Instructions for running the murder mystery
  • Making the most of your theme- ideas for decoration / activities.
  • Invitations
  • Character Booklets (available in single sided printer and double sided printer format)
  • Scripted for the inspector character (available in single sided printer and double sided printer format)
  • Solution script for the inspector character (needed when printing from the single sided copy)
  • MP3 files for the inspector character (dialogue and solution)
  • Hints and tips
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Money off voucher towards next purchase

This is the easiest way to play.  Everything you need will arrive in a box, pre-printed, directly to your door.

You will receive through the post:

  • Instruction booklet (includes hints and tips)
  • Invitations and envelopes for all the guests
  • Character booklets
  • CD of the inspector
  • Inspector script in a sealed envelope so you don’t find out the solution by accident!
  • Making the most of your theme and recipe suggestion booklet.
  • Money off voucher towards next purchase (printed inside the booklets)

We always ship within 24 hours meaning orders arrive as quickly as possible.

As each game is printed on demand, we can also provide a customisation service on any order.  See details further down the page on what we can do to tailor this game to your party.

Characters in the game:

Phoebe Duncan – Daughter of Dray Duncan
Educated out East in one of the finest finishing schools, Phoebe tries to out dress, out class and one up everyone in town with her highfalutin ways.

Dusty Trales – Cowboy
New to the Double D, Dusty always wears his cowboy hat and bandanna. He is rarely without his lariat which he uses to rope the cattle before branding them at the ranch.

Chief Redfeather – Native American of the Apache Tribe.
Once a mighty warrior, Redfeather wears his war paint as a reminder of his former status. He’s usually seen in typical Apache attire and carries his peace pipe.

Poccamahinee – Daughter of Chief Redfeather
An Apache beauty, she wears her hair in side braids, adorned with a headband and feather. She is also known to wear short fringed skirts and moccasins.

Sum Ting – Oriental Cook
A highly trained chef in his native country, Sum has the unique style of wearing his hair in one long braid down his back together with a tight fitting black cap. He is never seen without his apron.

Lucy Lipps – Saloon Owner
Known around town as “Miss Lucy”, her trademark dress style is very flamboyant – all feathers, fishnets and the fashionable finery of the day. With her buxom physique, she stands out from the crowd in more ways than one!

Customise this game

This game can be customised to fit your event for an additional fee.

It’s hard to give “ball park” figures for what different customisations would cost however we’ve attempted to HERE.  Please do contact us for a free quote if you would like any customisations on your game before purchase.

Remember… if you just need 1 extra person, or 1 less person, why not have someone play the inspector role?

The inspector can usually be male or female as the “for real” inspector can simply invent a new name for themselves.

Some hosts prefer to play the inspector role as it means they can work on the catering while the round plays out amongst their guests.