A Summer Escape

“Oh no!  Your friend has hit his head coming down the gangplank and has lost the combination to his luggage padlock.

Your passports are in his luggage and you can’t enter the country without them!

Fortunately, he saved the combination on his holiday postcards which you still have to hand.

Solve the postcards to unlock his suitcase to get your passports back.”

This is a puzzle game, which results in a final padlock crack in a similar way to how an escape room works.   This is NOT a virtual escape game.  There is an on-line option for the final padlock, but it is designed to be printed and manipulated.

The kit is available as a download to be printed at home, or can be purchased as a printed or deluxe set  The deluxe puzzle pack is a great gift and contains the “Summer Escape” puzzle as well as some seaside treats for you receiver to enjoy at home – popcorn, rock and candyfloss, plus a special celebration chocolate bar which we can customise to your own message (default is Happy Birthday). We can also print a personal note to add into the pack – just leave the note in the comments section and let us do the rest.

This game is rated DIFFICULT with an average completion time of 90 minutes without hints (However the quickest time to beat is an hour by an experience escape room team).

From: £6.00


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