Looking to run a Murder Mystery for a large group of people? We have a number of game types for you to choose from.

If you are running your large game for friends and family, charity, fundraising or not for profit you can get up to a 65% discount by registering here first.

Not sure which type of game you want. Don’t worry we have a collection of videos showing each game type in action here.

  • halloween_hotel_horror

    Halloween Hotel Horror!

    From: £239.99
  • twistedatthetransylvanian

    Twisted at the Transylvanian – Large group script

    From: £149.99
  • TheTransylvanianTrap

    The Transylvanian Trap

    From: £149.99
  • murderatmillfields

    Murder at Millfields

    From: £239.99
  • murderinthedark

    Murder in the Dark – Large group script

    From: £149.99
  • LastWillandTestament

    Last Will and Testament

    From: £239.99
  • Murderontheghosttrain

    Murder on the Ghost Train – Large group script

    From: £149.99
  • SecretoftheVampiresCrypt

    The Secret of a Vampire’s Crypt

    From: £239.99