Privacy Policy


Customer privacy is very important to us at Red Herring Games LTD and we realise that no-one likes their data distributing around the internet. Therefore please be assured that we take your customer privacy very seriously and user related data, including financial information is not passed to any third party without prior consent.

We have a HUGE privacy policy – which you are welcome to read. It contains all sorts of information including the privacy policies of our third party providers, and how we collect and store your data. If you have trouble getting to sleep at night – it’s probably worth a read. You can find it in full here: OUR PRIVACY POLICY

A shorter summary which details the basics is below.

We collect data when you visit the website. This is to help us track how effective our advertising and marketing is – and everything is anonymized so we don’t know who is who. The website automatically picks up your IP address – this allows us to display the correct currency for your country (as the website tries to be smart to make everything easier for you).

There are a few cookies installed on the website to help with orders, carts, currencies etc – you can find out all about these on our cookie policy. You can refuse to permit them – but it might affect your ability to order with us.

Any data provided by you (our customer) is retained by Red Herring Games to help process orders and deliver our services. We try to obtain the least amount of information we need to create the best service. It may seem odd that we need your postal address for downloadable orders – but we require this in order to fulfill our tax reporting obligations. If we need more information to help with your order we will get in touch with you directly to obtain it.

Your information is only passed to third parties when required to fulfill our order obligations. e.g. if we are couriering a delivery to you – we need to pass on your postal address and contact details to our courier. Other third parties do have access to some of your data in line with normal business practice e.g. our accountant has access to invoices. However we limit how many people have access to your information (even within our office) and everyone we work with e.g. our website provider, has privacy policies of their own which we require them to adhere to.

You will receive emails from us related to account creation, payments and order notifications. If you did not sign up to be a customer, please contact us so we can investigate this matter. Sometimes people forget their own email address, or mistype it – in which case the email goes to the wrong account. It’s up to customers to ensure they provide the correct information – any data breaches related to emails entered incorrectly are entirely their own fault – however we will notify you via telephone if we believe this has happened so you can take steps to secure your data.

We send out email newsletters from time to time with news and special offers. However you need to “opt in” to receive these. If you have opted in to receive those – and decide you no longer want them then simply unsubscribe. Each of these emails contains an “unsubscribe feature” simply click “unsubscribe” and you will be automatically unsubscribed from our newsletter and will no longer receive any more marketing emails from us.