What is the difference between Printed and Downloadable kits?

What are downloadable kits?

If you’ve never bought a downloadable murder mystery game on-line before, or never played one (downloadable or otherwise) and want to find out more about it, then don’t worry – you aren’t the first.We are so confident in the quality of our games – when you buy from us you are guaranteed a a great night in or your money back!All our downloadable dinner parties are supplied with:

  • Full instructions Each game contains information on how to use the downloaded files including details on printing etc, instructions for running the mystery itself, as well as hints and tips from previous customers.
  • A guide for making the most of your theme. Including ideas for personalising your game materials, menu choices, home decoration, appropriate music, and additional after dinner games/activities to compliment your murder mystery.
  • Invitations. Designed for double sided printing, these invitations come with a colour cover design and all the information your guests need to know.
  • Easy print character booklets. We recognise how difficult double sided printing can be for many computer users. All our booklets come designed for single sided printing. We can supply the booklets formatted for double sided printing if wished. Just ask. Please be aware it takes time to reformat booklets and we need adequate notice, especially in busy periods.
  • Scripted dialogue and solution booklets for an optional inspector. This inspector part can be taken by the host, allowing you to invite one additional dinner guest as a character if wished.
  • MP3 Sound files for the optional inspector (dialogue and solution). All our 6 – 12 player dinner parties come with an MP3 voice over file as standard. This allows the host to take part as a character and remain totally in the dark themselves as to who the murderer is!
  • Recipe suggestions. Sample recipes are provided in the download. The recipes are NOT compulsory! You may wish to cook something different.

What are printed kits?

When you select the printed option – what you are asking us to do is print your game for you. Your game will arrive by post, printed, ready assembled and packaged in an evidence box.

Printed kits are exactly the same as downloadable kits, in terms of content – it’s just that instead of you printing the game, we print the game for you and it will arrive ready to go.

We can still customise printed orders, so please get in touch if you need something special e.g. a name adding to the invitations for a birthday, changing the number of guests at the party etc.

If you aren’t sure whether you would like us to print your game for you – then we are happy for you to change your mind. Simply contact us after purchasing the downloadable game and we will arrange to print and ship your order to you after you make the additional payment.

What will your printed game pack contain?

6-20 player dinner party games will contain the following:

  • InstructionsWhich will include how to run your game, how to make the most of your theme, hints and tips, suggested recipes and a money off coupon towards next purchase.
  • Invitations
  • Envelopes for the above
  • CD version of the inspector part
  • Character booklets
  • Inspector booklet in a sealed envelope to prevent accidental viewing.
  • Name sticker badges for your guests

Large group scripts will contain the following:

  • InstructionsWhich will include how to run your game, how to make the most of your theme, and a money off coupon towards next purchase.
  • Invitation/flyer – one copy unless otherwise requested.
  • Scripts and/or character booklets for your cast – one copy unless otherwise requested.
  • Guest handouts – roughly 1 for every 4 guests you indicate are attending.
  • Name sticker badges for your cast

If you would like to order more copies of game materials then just get in touch. Each order is priced on an individual basis depending on numbers required and the weight.

Please note postage costs are not included in the printed kit prices – these are added during check out.

This additional fee (charged on top of the downloadable game price) is to cover:

  • High quality colour laser printing and high quality paper.
  • Collating, stapling, assembling and packaging the game materials.
  • Supply of all printing, paper and assembly materials associated with the above.
  • Staff costs associated with formatting, assembly and packaging the games for sale.
  • Packaging.
  • Insurance.

If you would like us to customise your game materials prior to printing please get in touch with us directly prior to purchase so we can identify more clearly what you would like and build in any extra charges as needed.

What is the difference between domestic and commercial licenses?

We are one of very few companies to supply both retail and commercial products as well as event management services.

We’ve always operated an honesty policy as we know our domestic and fundraising customers appreciate the ability to access murder mystery scripts at an affordable rate. HOWEVER we can only continue to do this if commercial customers order using the correct license.

We appreciate your honesty in this matter, and have put our key points below to help you decide if you are shopping on the correct license.
If after reading this you are still unsure which format you should be purchasing – just email us or call us on +44 (0)1472 348909.

Finally, as you’re shopping with us, we are aware that not every option is available to you depending on your planned use. If you see something you would like to run commercially which isn’t available to you (e.g. you run a guest house and want to host a dinner party game for your guests)  – please don’t try to cheat the system – just call us on +44 (0)1472 348909 so we can chat to you – we will be able to work something out.

Domestic Customer License

You are entitled to shop on our domestic customer website if you are purchasing the game for your own use and/or you are not making a profit from the entertainment.
These sorts of events are covered by our domestic license:

  • You are hosting the event yourself for yourself and your friends e.g. a birthday party
  • You are hosting the event UNPAID for other friends/family.
  • You purchase the game to use with your OWN company staff.
  • You purchase the game for fundraising use at your OWN event. (Reselling your services out to a restaurant to raise funds for a theatre group is NOT permitted – as in effect they are paying you to “cheat the system”.)
  • You purchase the game as a gift for someone who fits into one of the categories above.

If you fit into any of the above categories then you can shop as a domestic customer.

SINGLE USE IN SINGLE VENUE is permitted on the domestic license. If you intend to use the same game more than once, you should purchase the game again in order to give the author their royalty payment.  Reselling games is NOT permitted under any circumstances.

 Commercial Customer License

You should be purchasing our scripts on the commercial license if you are reselling your event services to other customers/clients; or running your event “for profit”.

This includes groups who are “not for profit” but are selling their services to another organisation who will will then be selling the event at a profit to them. e.g. an amateur theatre who asks for a donation only when running a murder mystery event for a hotel. The hotel is selling a murder mystery to their customers. Therefore, the theatre group should be purchasing the event on the Commercial License and bill the hotel for this accordingly.

These sorts of uses are covered by the commercial license:

  • You are selling your services to run a murder mystery for a hotel/restaurant/company/other paying customer e.g. private party.
  • You are a guest house, hotel or other entertainment venue e.g. public house, and are charging ticket prices to customers to attend the murder mystery event.
  • You are a team building company and a murder mystery is forming part of the services you are providing to the client ( as you will have charged them indirectly for the experience).
  • You are a not for profit agency who is contracted in by a hotel / restaurant /company to host an event they are running for profit.

If you fit into any of the above categories then you should be shopping on this site as a commercial customer.

SINGLE USE IN SINGLE VENUES is permitted on the commercial licenses. If you intend to use the same event more than once, you should contact us to obtain our rates for a multi-use licenses in a single venue – this will be calculated depending on guest numbers expected and the number of repeats envisaged.

MULTIPLE USE IN MULTIPLE VENUES is NOT permitted on any of our commercial licenses. If you intend to resell your services on a regular basis then we would suggest you speak to us about becoming a Red Herring Games Franchise holder, which permits you to run scripts in multiple venues and also gives you access to other formats and different services at more competitive rates then our commercial licenses.

Reselling games is NOT permitted under any circumstances.

Each purchase on this website will give you everything you need in printed format “ready to use”. If you need anything customising to your venue please contact us before check out to see what’s possible.

If you are buying our commercial license in order to resell your services then we would suggest your minimum hire fees should be the same as ours.  Details of our pricing rates for events is available on request.

If after buying the kit, you decide you don’t want the hassle of hosting your own event after all, then you can switch to our event management service and we will discount the event by the rate you have paid for the commercial license, so long as the pack we have sent you is in pristine condition when it is returned.

What do the content ratings mean?

Our content ratings are based on the ESRB rating scheme.

All ratings are based on content NOT suitability, which means TEEN games are CLEAN games, but may contain language that is difficult for some teenagers to comprehend/read.

TEEN games are often games which are most suitable for mixed audiences and church groups.

It is worth noting that all our murder mystery games are rated TEEN or above as murder counts as violence for younger children. Some children younger than teens will handle the reading level of a standard murder mystery plot. Children who struggle with comprehension will not.

It is possible for us to “dumb down” the reading level on some games to make it possible for younger children to play – just email us for help.

What sort of content will be in a TEEN game compared to a MATURE game?

TEEN games will contain “tame” plot lines. This can include plot lines like

  • A game with a character who has had a string of monogamous heterosexual relationships, where all relationships are kept “non-sexual” for the purposes of the game e.g. someone who is two timing a girl.
  • There may be mild innuendo in the booklet, but when played this could be hammed up, or toned down depending on the person acting the role.
  • Alcohol may be mentioned in the game, but it will not include references to drinking to excess.
  • Illegal drugs will not be mentioned within the game, but legal drugs e.g. paracetamol could be.
  • There will be no explicit language, however where the odd mild swear word appears in song lyrics e.g. in Smashed Hits, this will still be present in the game. The word “Sex” may crop up, but not in a sordid context. e.g. a character might say “don’t mentioned the “sex” word.”

MATURE rated games don’t necessarily mean the games contain explicit language, or sexual references. However the themes will be more gritty. To give you some examples:

  • A game with a character who is homosexual
  • A game with a character who has been polygamous, or who discusses relationships of a sexual nature. (e.g. having affairs)
  • A game with a character who has taken /dealt in drugs.
  • A character who overindulges in alcohol
  • A character who gambles.
  • A character who has had a child out of wedlock.

If you are unsure which game is appropriate for your group – there are two things you can try. The first is to open up the “trial booklet” or “trial Script” link which will give you a sample character from a 6 player game, or a sample script. The second is to call us on +44 (0)1472 348909 and we’ll chat to you about the content of the games and help you find the one most appropriate for your party.