Novice host?

New?  Not to worry!  We deal with novice hosts every day.

Murder mystery evenings come in many different shapes and forms.

We retail kits for domestic/private parties, fundraising and for commercial users- and on top of all that we also event manage – so you’ve reached the “one stop murder shop!”

If you’re just looking to buy a dinner party then we have a range of DIY dinner party games.

If you are thinking of organising an event yourself for a large number of people we suggest you visit the page Choosing an event script. Which explains more about each format of large group game we stock.


What are “Do it Yourself” dinner party games?

We provide all of our mystery games as DIY kits enabling you to organise and run your own murder mystery using your own guests as suspects or cast.

Doing it yourself reduces the cost of running a murder mystery evening significantly, as you aren’t paying for anyone to come in and host it for you.

All of our murder mystery dinner party games come in two formats – Downloadable and Printed.  So you have the choice of downloading and printing it yourself, or simply having the kit arrive ready to go.

When it comes to scripts, you need to decide if you’re running it commercially or not.  Further details on what our criteria are, is within the FAQ section.


There’s such a huge range of games – how do I pick?

We’ve done our best to order the games by theme. This will help you decide quickly which sort of theme you’d like to run. We’ve also given you the option to search by most popular, number of attendees or by rating. You can also review what people have said about the games by looking at our reviews section and pick one that way.

If you are still unsure where to start, then have a think about the guests you plan to invite first. Get together a list of your likely attendees and look through a few game titles which “float your boat”. Can you imagine your friends in those character roles? If the answer is “yes” then you’ve found the game for you!

When all else fails – feel free to call us for some advice on +44 (0)1472 348909 or email us. We’ve played over half of the games in the catalogue ourselves, and the boss has proofed every single one, so someone in the office will be able to short-cut to the right game for you.


I’ve never been to one before, how do they run?

We see a lot of “first timers”.  So don’t worry!  They aren’t difficult.

We have a range of “how to” videos available so you can watch them and see if you think you can cope.  You can. It really isn’t that hard.

So don’t panic!  Just check out our video pages to find how all of our different formats run.


 I don’t want to run my own!

Then don’t worry – you don’t have to!  At Red Herring Games we offer event management for murder mystery evenings within the UK. If you live outside the UK and would also prefer to hire a company to run your event then please email us. We have contacts internationally and may still be able to run the event of your choice.

Costs for event managing your murder mystery evening depend on the style of mystery you choose and the level of involvement you desire from us.

We provide a free quotation so if in doubt, please  email us so we can discuss your requirements and provide you with a competitive quote for your evening.


I need a game for a tween… what game should I buy?

11 and 12 years of age is an awkward time in a child’s life. Children of this age will either enjoy the children’s party games or the 6-12 player dinner party games dependent on their maturity.

Please remember, the dinner party games are rated TEEN not for their suitability for age reading levels but for content.Most games in the TEEN category will contain no more strong language/themes than you would find in an average 12 rated film, however the language or plot lines may be complicated for young minds to understand. In most cases the scripted dialogues between rounds acts as a good guide for the rated content within the games. If you see a game you like the sound of, then download the free sample booklet to act as a gauge of content. If you are still unsure of the suitability of a game, then please call us or email us to clarify the content of a particular game.Often what causes the most difficulty for pre-teens (and some younger teens) is the requirement to translate 2nd person to 1st person in your head rapidly to enable game play. To ease this we can email you booklets in MSword so you can convert your youngest player’s booklets into 1st person yourself. Or we can amend the game for you at a small cost.


I’ve got more than 20 guests – which game should I pick?

Large group mystery games come in a variety of formats and you need to pick a format that will work best for you and your event.

We sell a variety of games which may suit, from single stage performances to multi-room performances that will get your guests visiting many different rooms.

Some games work best conducted at a table – the perfect choice for mystery meals. Other games are run with guests visiting different rooms and listening to cast talking.


How do you select the right large group game for you?

We have a helpful guide in our events section.  You can find that HERE.