How do I access my order?

After paying you should be directed immediately back to our site to a screen with the download links embedded on the page.  Click these links to download your order to allow printing.

After clicking the links your computer should open up a file download box on your screen. When this happens click “save” and specify a folder you can find easily once it’s finished, e.g. My Documents, or the desktop. Sometimes computers will automatically save files into a “download” folder, every computer is slightly different, but if you get stuck, just use your file search option to locate them based on the file names.

After download open up the folder you specified and within it should be the game files you downloaded.

I have a MAC – will the game files still work?

Yes they will.  All the files are PDF or MP3 files.   All of which should cause no problems for MAC users.

If you struggle to download them – just email us, often we can send them directly to your email address instead, and 9 times out of 10 that resolves the problem.

Why do some games contain MP3 files?

In our murder mystery games for dinner parties we provide a voice recording for an inspector who leads you through the mystery game, providing an introduction, case updates, summary and conclusion.

These voice over MP3 files are exactly identical to the character booklet for the inspector which is also provided at no extra charge.

Using the voice over files on the night means you and your guests can all play a suspect. If you would prefer to facilitate the mystery yourself as the inspector then you can use the character booklet provided instead.

All our MP3 files are recorded professionally. When we adapt a game to order we cannot always amend these voice over files as we do not have a recording studio in our offices! However we have an arrangement with the people who do our recordings, and if you request an adaptation and still want the voice over part we can negotiate a one-off recording cost for you, charges will apply. One off recordings take time to create and we usually need at least a month’s notice to create one for you.

Help! I’m struggling to print / assemble the character booklets.

There are two different formats of booklets available to download.  Both are printed differently.

Double sided print:

If you are using a commercial printer – one which prints double sided, then you need to print the “double sided print” version.

Customers who aren’t familiar with print settings sometimes call us to tell us every second page is printing upside down.  This isn’t a problem with the file, but rather with your printer settings.

When asking a printer to print double sided, you need to specify printing in LANDSCAPE and also how the paper turns.  Every printer calls the page turn method something different. Some will say “book turn” some will call it “Left or Right side margin”, others will call it a “short side flip” turn.  So you need to find out what your printer calls it and specify that.

In general, it’s not the “Booklet printing” setting.   So that’s something to watch out for and ignore.

We do talk people through print methods regularly, so don’t feel an idiot if you have to phone up and have us talk you through your printer settings.  We won’t laugh at you.

Single sided print:

If  you are using a domestic printer – one which only prints on one side of A4 paper, you’ll probably find it easier to use the “single sided print” version.  These assemble in a unique way… not easily explained in writing…so please watch the video below which will explain how that works!

When the booklets first print out, it may look a little odd, perhaps even out of order, but don’t worry – it does all come together into booklet format.

Rest assured, instructions are included in the game materials for how to assemble these booklets, however if you wanted to see exactly what is involved, and how they look after printing then please watch the video above, or read on.

How to make up your character booklets:

  1. Print everything off!
  2. Do one booklet at a time. Separate your booklet so that the cover is to one side.
  3. Fold all your sheets in half so that the printed side is outermost.
  4. Put the cover (the one with the picture on) to one side.
  5. Gather all the other pages together in a bunch so that the folded edges are on the right and the open edges are on the left.
  6. THIS NEXT STEP IS OPTIONAL (and just for the more pedantic of us).
    If you want to make the booklets look especially neat then use a pair of scissors, or a guillotine to cut approx ½ centimetre from each OPEN edge. Taking care to make sure that the amount taken from each page is identical.
  7. Slot these folded pages inside the cover sheet so that the open edges are INSIDE the cover, in the middle where the fold is.
  8. Close the booklet and staple twice, once at the top and once at the bottom of the folded edge. This should secure all the pages within the booklet together.
  9. Then carry on and do the rest of the booklets!

Remember – if you want to personalise your party: make your own booklet covers. Information on how to do this is contained in the “Making the most of your theme” file which you downloaded.

Can we have the files in MSword?

If you would like some files in MSword rather than PDF to allow you to adjust designs, booklet titles, names or add a picture of your choice then please contact us after purchasing your game and request it.  Please make sure you quote your order reference number so we can find which game you ordered, and we will forward you an MSword copy as soon as we can.

Sometimes it is easier if we adapt the booklets for you, so if you want a customisation to format then please get in touch and we’ll try and help.

All our dinner party game booklets print single sided for ease of use. If you would prefer a double sided copy then we can do this for you – please get in touch.