We can take the stress out of party planning, and put the fun back into what can be a total headache by customising a murder mystery specifically to your party!

If you have an uneven mix of male and female participants, an unusual number of guests, or even just unusual guests, or a specific celebration in mind – then we are here to provide you with a personal service that will tailor a murder mystery game to your needs.

If you are looking for something fully bespoke then allow us to talk through with you what you are looking for and provide you with a free quote.

What can we do?

We can write you a fully bespoke game, using the characters of your choice, the setting of your choice, even the plot of your choice. From country house mysteries to conference call team building events, we have done it all!

But to cope with small budgets we’ve also supplied many companies and private customers with minor customisations to pre-existing games. The sorts of minor customisation work we have undertaken has included:

  • adjusting the presentation of the game materials supplied (adding cream card, sealing wax finishes etc)
  • adjusting the way a game plays e.g. making it more mix and mingle style / free-flowing / choose your own method of deduction style.
  • including particular pictures in game materials
  • renaming characters
  • changing genders of characters
  • adjusting the number of participants
  • providing an uneven mix of male and female guests
  • pre-printing invitation information and adding in details of birthdays or special events
  • changing the setting of a game
  • writing in specific characteristics of a character into the game
  • changing the name of a venue


What does it cost?

We pride ourselves on providing a customer specific service – and while we can provide a charging schedule, this is only a guide, some work will be cheaper or more expensive depending on the selected.

However, we are happy to provide a free quote or chat through ideas with you.  So please email us or call us on +44 (0)1472 348909 if you have any questions.

Example charging schedule.

Please bear in mind this is just an EXAMPLE… prices DO vary with games selected, during peak season, with short notice etc…

Band A

Price approx- £15

Adjust picture and /or title of game (Changes of game title not reflected in game materials)

Remove one character (male or female)

Add invite information  e.g. date, time, venue, RSVP, onto printed invitations

Band B

Price approx- £35

Adjust mention of the venue throughout game on written information – BUT NOT in the inspector recording e.g. Merkister Hall is changed to another hall name.


Adjust character ratio within max and min parameters of the game e.g. 3 women 6 men – IF POSSIBLE within that game.

Band C

Price approx- £90

Adjust character ratio of male to female outside the normal max and min parameters without adjusting voice recording e.g. 7 women 3 men – but only IF POSSIBLE within the game without an extensive re-write.

Band D

Price approx- £210

New character names and change of genders required within the game, new voice recording to reflect those; however no plot alterations (e.g. if a plot is unsuitable for a female role, because of a relationship angle, then you may end up with a homosexual relationship within the plot. The game is proofed in-house but not edited professionally.

This requires at least 6 WEEKS NOTICE.

Band E

Price approx- £550

New 12 player written game. We need 12 weeks notice. Editing and voice over included in price. Plot must be suitable to retail on main website after production with or without minor tweaks.

The game kit rights retained for resale by Red Herring Games.

Extra characters cost £15 each.

This requires at least 6 WEEKS NOTICE.


Price approx- £1250

Single use, fully custom written 12 player kit for a specific event – not suitable for resale by Red Herring Games.  Editing and voice over included in the price.

Extra characters cost £20 per character.

This requires at least 6 WEEKS NOTICE.


A custom written large group game which is suitable for resale on the website after delivery with or without minor tweaks.  Editing and voice over included in price.

This requires at least 12 WEEKS NOTICE.

Band G

Price on request

Exclusive custom written kit – not for commercial resale by Red Herring Games, but can be retailed by customer. Editing and voice over and/or DVD included in price.

This requires at least 6-12 WEEKS NOTICE.

Please be aware, writing murder mystery games takes time!

When considering a fully bespoke game please note that our authors benefit from at least two months advance notice to allow them to juggle commitments.

We can undertake “rush jobs” but this does escalate our charges.