The Secret of a Vampire’s Crypt

In a dilapidated hotel near the ruins of an ancient abbey members of a secret society gather for a special evening meeting organised by it’s founder, Sir Arthur Cunningham.  However Sir Arthur seems to have been unavoidably detained… In fact, there is some question as to whether he will arrive at all!

How it works:

If you’re looking for a murder mystery evening which supplies entertaining sleuthing while you dine, then our Dinner Theatre style murder mystery evenings are just what you are looking for.

Each mystery is designed to be run in one room within a hotel/restaurant setting during a three course meal.

There are five suspects (our cast).  One murder occurs before the event (the discovery of the body usually begins the evening) and one murder occurs mid-way through the evening.

These mysteries are written as interactive dinner theatre with a series of scripts as well as interactive questioning by the guests.  They are fun, melodramatic and engrossing.

Sadly they are usually not usually appropriate for young children due to the number of deaths involved!

This Event is Rated:


This event features:

Content that may be suitable for ages 17 and older.

Murder – Two murders are undertaken, so violence is suggested.
Suggestive Themes – Mild provocative references or materials, love tangles mentioned.
Sexual affairs are in the character backgrounds and motive for murder.

Characters in the game:

Giorgi Vashkov – A Bulgarian Count.
A debonair Count from Bulgaria who is a nobleman, well spoken and articulate.

Gunter Von Manstein – A professor from the University of Bonn.
Learned and academic as well as being a fearless vampire hunter, Gunter has built up a wealth of knowledge from tracking down vampires in Eastern Europe.

Lady Jane Cunningham – wife of Sir Arthur Cunningham.
An attractive lady of leisure who has grown used to the trappings of luxury that her husband’s wealth provides.

Kate Hawker – An adventurer and archaeologist.
Independent and spirited, her research, which took her to the Middle East investigating stories of lost treasures, has brought her to Nadamorte Abbey.

Father Alexander – A country priest.
Aware that dark forces have been operating around Nadamorte Abbey, Father Alexander is on a quest to discover and then destroy the evil that lurks in his parish.

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