The Final Furlong

The Denby Racecourse is home to the longest running regulated horse race in the world, the Festal Cup.

Joining the thrilling race day atmosphere for the first time is lottery millionaire horse owner Mark Furlong. Owner of Lucky Lotto, a bay gelding with serious promise, Mark anxiously awaits the fifth race of the day when Lucky Lotto will take to the field for the first time.

Yet despite a promising start, Lucky Lotto is pulled up one furlong shy of the end of the race.

Why was Lucky prevented from claiming the cup, and why was Mark’s body found dead in the Champagne and Seafood bar later that day? Are the two incidents connected? It’s up to you to find out!

How it works:

Multi-room events are designed to be run in multiple rooms in a venue and are a great way of showing off your premises, or getting maximum footfall through what would otherwise be too small a venue for a traditional murder mystery evening.

These events have proved very popular with the guests, as it encourages them to interrogate the suspects and locate clues hidden around the building.  There are usually seven to eight cast, one murder occurs before the evening and the crime scene is set up in one of the rooms in the venue.

We usually suggest a roving buffet as the guests move between rooms, but some venues prefer to have a formal two course meal mid-way through the evening.

This Event is Rated:


This Event Contains:

Content that may be suitable for ages 17 and older.

Murder – One murder has been undertaken, so violence is suggested.
Suggestive Themes – Provocative references or materials. Erma Fillie is pregnant and the paternity of the child is in question.
Blood – Depictions of blood
Use of Alcohol – The consumption of alcoholic beverages and some props are alcoholic beverages.

Characters in the game:

Erma Fillie – Mark’s girlfriend
Young and flirtatious, Erma is not so much attractive, as an attraction!

Wayne Dinn – Mark’s cousin
Stable and reliable, Wayne is a steady plodder with good prospects.

Rhoda Round – Wayne’s fiance
A social climber with a lot of affiliations, Rhoda Round is dignified, gracious and very good company.

Seamus All – Jockey
Short, lithe and quick witted, Seamus is an easy man to like and is full of Irish charm.

Orson Ryder – Trainer
A hunk of an Australian with a relaxed and friendly demeanour, Orson loves hard work and his horses.

Lotta Neizz – Horse whisperer
Quiet and perceptive, Lotta is a casual dresser, but quite clearly from thoroughbred stock herself.

Inspector Ray Scorse – Detective
Inspector Scorse is the detective sent to solve the case.  He provides the solution speech at the end of the evening.

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