Death in the Library

After 15 years of dedicated writing, JR Hartley’s sequel, ‘Fly Fishing revisited’, has finally been finished and launched onto general sale. Keen to raise awareness of the book release, the author has been touring the country hosting book signings in local libraries.

This evening, at the town’s Central Library, JR Hartley and his agent, Paige Turner, were hoping for a big turnout. However, before the book signing could commence, JR Hartley was discovered dead in the Local History section, trapped between the moving shelves!

Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t actually old enough to have died of natural causes. It looks like somebody’s fingers did the talking and choked the life out of him! But who could have wanted this harmless man dead, and why?

How it works:

Multi-room events are designed to be run in multiple rooms in a venue and are a great way of showing off your premises, or getting maximum footfall through what would otherwise be too small a venue for a traditional murder mystery evening.

These events have proved very popular with the guests, as it encourages them to interrogate the suspects and locate clues hidden around the building.  There are usually seven to eight cast, one murder occurs before the evening and the crime scene is set up in one of the rooms in the venue.

We usually suggest a roving buffet as the guests move between rooms, but some venues prefer to have a formal two course meal mid-way through the evening.

This Event is Rated:


This Event Contains:

Content that may be suitable for ages 17 and older.

Murder – Two murders are undertaken, so violence is suggested.
Suggestive Themes – Mild provocative references or materials, mutliple affairs mentioned. Illigitimate child mentioned.

Characters in the game:

Paige Turner (JR Hartley’s agent)
Smart and presentable, but very superior and patronising, Paige knows the book world well and always backs a winner.

Seymour Heathens (Vicar)
Never without his dog collar, Seymour is carefully enunciated, quietly spoken and often found in the religious section researching for his sermons.

Lotta Hushes (Librarian)
Carefully groomed and very stern, Lotta operates a zero tolerance policy in the library. Any rabble-rousing is met with a harsh “Shh!”

Rex Tuff (Juvenile delinquent)
A poor reader, Rex is often found larking about in the children’s section. He rarely has his head in a book, preferring to use the computer terminal or just generally make a nuisance of himself.

 Wanda Lust (Backpacker)
Independent and an avid reader of Lonely Planet guides, Wanda is often found in the travel section researching in preparation for her next holiday.

Dee Major (Music teacher)
With an artistic temperament and an extremely strong voice, Dee enjoys reading about the composers she favours in her music lessons, thus ensuring she accurately reflects their personality when performing their pieces.

Archie Ologie (Local historian)
With his stuffy attire often as dusty as the tomes he pulls from the shelves, Archie is a pedant for factual accuracy.

Ivor Spade (Keen gardener)
Earthy and strong, Ivor knows everything there is to know about the local growing conditions and has been working the land his entire life.

Inspector Laing-Ovadew
Whatever happens this evening, the inspector will always get his man (or woman). The question is will any of the other library patrons be able to solve the case first?

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