Death at the Captain’s Table

Looking for a piece of holiday sun that doesn’t involve street hawkers and paparazzi, the MV Tipanic, a modern cruise ship with a distinguished clientele, is the first port of call for many celebrities and the disgustingly rich.

Cruising up and down the Nile, taking in the sights of the Tomb of the Kings and Thebes, passengers can remain aloof from the maddening crowds and work on their all-over tans (should they choose to) or engage in the more leisurely traditional pursuits of deck quoits and swimming.

This evening however, the passengers have been disturbed; not by street urchins or hawkers but by the announcement that one among their number has been found dead in her cabin!

With the boat a days sailing from port, it can mean only one thing… the murderer is someone on board!

How it works:

A participative murder mystery evening is an evening with a difference.

Rather than going out for a meal and being “entertained” by our professional team of actors,  here YOU are the suspects!

Participative murder mysteries are great fun for those who love to “ham it up”. If you are chosen as a suspect on the evening you’ll be given your character booklet for the night which will contain any lines you must deliver.  You’ll also be given information that your character knows about other suspects and background information you will be revealing about your character throughout the evening.  If you need any props we’ll provide them too, all you need to do is turn up, in costume and be prepared for a great night out!

You will be led through the mystery by an inspector, who will be providing you with case information as the evening progresses, as well as helping you all to get in the mood. At the end of the night the inspector will also deliver a summary before you have to guess which of you did the dirty deed. Finally, at the end of the evening, the inspector will reveal all by providing the solution and arresting the guilty party! (Don’t worry – all arrested guests are returned!)

This Event is Rated:


This Event Contains:

Content that may be suitable for ages 17 and older.

Love tangles

Characters in the game:

We always provide two cast with participative murder mysteries.  To facilitate and lead the guests through the plot.
The roles of the cast vary depending on the genders of the cast we use.  Typically you’ll have one “inspector” type role, and one supporting character who may pose as a waitress/waiter, a member of the general public or an assistant detective.
The cast will start the evening by selecting members of the audience to become the evening’s suspects and briefing them on their role within the evening.  Sometimes, the cast are pre-selected by the party who book us.  Both work well.

Fifi Galores – Movie star.
Sophisticated and elegant, Fifi has a sparkling presence and some very chic clothing.

Dickie Bow – Decadent playboy.
In a full tux, Dickie has a great body and cuts quite a figure.

Jimmy Capstones – Archeologist.
Young and exuberant, Jimmy has abandoned his tatty archaeologist’s clothing in honour of the cruise and instead is wearing his father’s old tuxedo.

Ben Borinholls – Oil baron.
Successful throughout Latin America, Ben is a man of presence who knows how to win friends and influence people.

Rita Glossimagg – International reporter.
Elegant and refined, Rita knows how to get ahead in life and dresses stylishly to accentuate her natural good looks.

Ariadne Strange – Heiress of a Greek shipping company.
Young, beautiful and incredibly wealthy, Ariadne is always surrounded by wannabe suitors.

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