Murder at the Luscious Lash

The Plot:

It’s the roaring twenties! Everyone has money, and life is free and easy.

It’s a dynamic age. Motor cars, movies, radio and all manner of modern appliances and inventions are hitting the streets and amongst it all, almost defining the times is Jazz, and with it, flappers!

Prominently placed in the centre of London’s Jazz district is the Luscious Lash.

Owned by Gordon Zola, the “Lash” as it has come to be known, is the hub of both legitimate and criminal business dealings.

Styling himself on the popular American gangsters, Mr Zola not just the big cheese of the outfit, but also in police terms a “stinky cheese”.

And tonight – this stinky cheese is dead. The question is… who killed him?

The Cast:

We always provide two cast with participative murder mysteries.  To facilitate and lead the guests through the plot.
The roles of the cast vary depending on the genders of the cast we use.  Typically you’ll have one “inspector” type role, and one supporting character who may pose as a waitress/waiter, a member of the general public or an assistant detective.
The cast will start the evening by selecting members of the audience to become the evening’s suspects and briefing them on their role within the evening.  Sometimes, the cast are pre-selected by the party who book us.  Both work well.

The suspects your audience become:

Sherry Shekserass – A sequinned beauty fond of dancing.

With short dresses and plenty of tassels and bling, Sherry cuts quite a swathe on the dance floor and is never without a potential suitor.


Dee Coration – Life and soul of the party.

With a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for over the top “princess” behaviour, Dee Coration is certainly not a retiring wall flower.


Foxy Trott – Wealthy heiress

Fond of riding both in and out of the saddle, Foxy has been known to use her whip on men as well as horses…


Amelia Fairfart- Adventuress

Well travelled and up for anything, Amelia cuts quite a stir on the dance floor and holds everyone entranced with her tall stories at the bar.


Honeysuckle Rose- Singer

A delight to behold and fond of low backed dresses, Honeysuckle is a ripe flower ready for picking.


Melody Maker – Reporter

Out for the latest scoop, Melody makes the most of her assets and is perfectly coiffured.


 How this format of game works

A participative murder mystery evening is an evening with a difference.

Rather than going out for a meal and being “entertained” by our professional team of actors,  here YOU are the suspects!

Participative murder mysteries are great fun for those who love to “ham it up”. If you are chosen as a suspect on the evening you’ll be given your character booklet for the night which will contain any lines you must deliver.  You’ll also be given information that your character knows about other suspects and background information you will be revealing about your character throughout the evening.  If you need any props we’ll provide them too, all you need to do is turn up, in costume and be prepared for a great night out!

You will be led through the mystery by an inspector, who will be providing you with case information as the evening progresses, as well as helping you all to get in the mood. At the end of the night the inspector will also deliver a summary before you have to guess which of you did the dirty deed. Finally, at the end of the evening, the inspector will reveal all by providing the solution and arresting the guilty party! (Don’t worry – all arrested guests are returned!)

A typical evening runs like this:

7.00pm – Arrive at your venue. Have a drink at the bar and admire each others’ costumes. Depending on the mystery plot you might also be greeted by the “soon to be deceased”. Your character booklets will be provided as you arrive to give you time to “get in character” and if you are chosen as a suspect as part of a larger gathering then you will also be briefed.

7.40pm – The murder is announced! (usually by a scream!)

7.45pm – The inspector arrives and announces the mystery. You will be asked to introduce yourselves.

7.55pm – You are escorted through to your dining table for your first course.

8.10pm – You will led into the first round of evidence gathering, questions and answers.

8.35pm – The inspector will provide more information and you will be served by your main course.

8.50pm – You will led into the second round of evidence gathering, questions and answers.

9. 15pm – The inspector will provide more information and you will be served by your dessert course.

9. 30pm – You will led into the third round of evidence gathering, questions and answers.

9.45pm – You will be served with coffee. The inspector will provide a summary and ask you to provide any concluding statements before guessing “who did it”.

10.00pm – The solution is provided.

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This event is rated Mature
This event features:

Contents suitable for ages 17 and above.

Sexual tangles


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Murder at Bovey Castle

I am working though the thank you’s and you are definitely one of them! Thanks to you again for all your hard work in putting together all the invites, the script, the funnies, the clues and so much more to make our evening so fab. Amy was so lovely and friendly and both actors put in a brilliant performance which captured everyone’s attention! We all had a wonderful weekend and everyone really dressed to kill! I would most definitely recommend anyone to contact you if they were wanting an evening like ours. You were so efficient, professional, friendly and organised.
(note from the Red Herring team - we have some photos from this event on our Facebook page.  Find us at Redherringgames

WOW!!! I don’t know what else to say, but WOW!! You guys nailed it!!!

WOW!!! I don’t know what else to say, but WOW!! You guys nailed it!!! To set some perspective into this, we take our team away every year for a couple of days each year and always incorporate some kind of event into it for their enjoyment. Previous years have seen us do raft building, archery, paddle boarding, quizzes and other team challenges, like getting all your team members through a web of ropes. Each year the team report how much better the event was than the year before, but this year, they were ecstatic. The amount of positive comments I received about the event was incredible – which in one way is awesome, but in another makes me wonder how I’m going to be able to top that next year – I don’t think I can. The actors were BRILLIANT!! They really played their parts superbly, staying completely in character until they had changed back into their own clothes. The emotion, the language, the mannerisms, the ad lib and humour were all bang on the money. I have to make one stand out comment, and thanks goes to the actress that played Frieda – I don’t know if you have heard, but I had kept the entire event secret, only our management group were aware. We had 70 people fully immersed in a session about what we do as a company and why, and you could see the team flagging from a heavy night of drink from the Tuesday and the typical after lunch lag. On my cue “Frieda’ ran into the room from the back and let out an almighty shriek proclaimed she had found a dead body. One of my team stood up, literally went white, hand over his mouth and seriously panicked. He started to shout ‘What the **** is going on?’ - it was pure comedy gold, before someone managed to calm him down. Later he said ‘All I heard was a scream and the word ‘ ody', and I couldn’t compute anything else. I wondered why nobody was moving and getting out whilst this maniac was on the loose…’. That doesn’t happen unless it seems real, so hats off to everybody that was involved in that – it was outstanding. I loved it – the team loved it and from what I hear your team said we were a great group so I hope they loved it too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and your team to anybody thinking of putting a team event – fabulous! Thanks again. Best David Hamilton UK Area Manager | OpenTable International Ltd

Flexible and fun!

We contacted Red-Herring-Games for a party for a special occasion. Why going to restaurants to eat is the preferred activity to mark milestones is beyond me and my friends.   The choice of mystery was obvious, looking at the options from New Zealand on the web Red Herring stuck out from the international options.  A quick look at the site and games showed subtlety as well a range of choices.  The numbers you could have for each evening was important,  Red Herring had scaling options a good range of scenarios but most importantly were Jo and team being flexible, responsive and helpful.


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