Alors! Alors!

Listen very carefully I shall say zis only wance.  The victim of zis murder is none other than Madame Enid, the wife of the owner of Café Artois.   Given the café’s long association with the French Resistance, the owner Ronné is keen to resolve her murder quickly and quietly.

Luckily (or unluckily) for him, an officer of the Gendarmes just happened to be “pissing by ze dur”.

How it works:

A participative murder mystery evening is an evening with a difference.

Rather than going out for a meal and being “entertained” by our professional team of actors,  here YOU are the suspects!

Participative murder mysteries are great fun for those who love to “ham it up”. If you are chosen as a suspect on the evening you’ll be given your character booklet for the night which will contain any lines you must deliver.  You’ll also be given information that your character knows about other suspects and background information you will be revealing about your character throughout the evening.  If you need any props we’ll provide them too, all you need to do is turn up, in costume and be prepared for a great night out!

You will be led through the mystery by an inspector, who will be providing you with case information as the evening progresses, as well as helping you all to get in the mood. At the end of the night the inspector will also deliver a summary before you have to guess which of you did the dirty deed. Finally, at the end of the evening, the inspector will reveal all by providing the solution and arresting the guilty party! (Don’t worry – all arrested guests are returned!)

This Event is Rated:


This event features:

Content that may be suitable for ages 18 and older.

Murder – murder is undertaken, so violence is suggested.
Suggestive Themes – Provocative references or materials, love tangles, innuendo and prostitution references. (Nothing seedy – but in keeping with the sit-com theme!)

Characters in the game:

Ronne Artois – Proprietor of the Café Congenial. Accommodating and irresistible to women, Ronne Artois treads a very thin line and gets his pleasure where he can.

Yvonne Gettemoi – Waitress.

Seductively attractive and with lots of admirable features which she certainly knows how to show off, Yvonne is accommodating in every respect.

Herr Flopp – Gestapo officer.

An unemotional man with quick intelligence and a devious mind, Herr Flopp is capable of all manner of disguises, though his limp often gives him away.

Mini Bonq-bonq – Waitress.

Small, blonde and feisty, Mini’s diminutive size is no boundary to her intensely passionate nature.  Trained in combat, this isn’t a lover you want to turn down.

Lieutenant Hans Grubbier  – German officer.

Currently on leave from the front, Hans Grubbier is an effeminate officer who drives a little tank, but has a big heart.

Private Zelda Deerhart – The Colonel’s secretary.

A model soldier in the German army, Private Zelda’s well-pressed uniform hides a wealth of saucy underwear and a passionate nature.  She has a stern voice and a tendency to shout.

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