Hopefully these few videos will give you a taster of how we operate.

With every event booking we bring all the guest materials with us for a quality guest experience, and no one is ever left clueless about what is going on.

We also bring prize packs and certificates and ensure the event is rounded off with a proper denouement and prize giving.


Participative evenings

Remember, with these games, it’s the general public, not actors, taking on the suspect roles and doing the “acting”.

 Dinner Theatre – mystery meals murder mysteries.

These are fully cast, and we often bring sound support with us.  As well as the cast, there’s always a stage manager who coordinates the scenes, props and dovetails everything to run as seemlessly as possible with the venue’s catering.

Some events also include extras like dancers or awards ceremonies.  You have the option to add in as many “extras” as you like to really make the event go with a bang!

Multi-room events.

Multi room murder mysteries suit small venues with limited cover space, as well as large venues looking to showcase facilities.


WILLOWS GUEST HOUSE – A small venue!

Plotting, Prizes and Personalities

With all our events, each event has a distinct plot.  There is always a set murderer and the crime plot hangs together properly.

Police officers and detectives regularly turn up at our events, and while they don’t always get it right, they have commented that our games are properly plotted and that they can follow the clues to reach the right answer (so long as they were paying attention and not chasing the many red herrings we also weave into the plots).

We regularly work with organisations who are looking for bespoke events to suit the personality of their venue or guests.  If you are looking for the “WOW factor” then we can certainly help!

We also offer white labelled events.  Many event management companies would prefer our branding was removed from guest materials and that our staff sport their own company colours.  That’s fine with us.  We’re used to acting, so if you need us to work your murder mystery undercover, or pretend to be your company… then we’re happy to help!