Exactly how does a murder mystery evening work?

We supply several different styles of murder mystery evening which means it’s hard to provide any “hard and fast” rules as to what an evening will entail.

However, just to give you an idea, if you have a fully cast event, then as guests you act as detectives.  Your role is to watch, listen and interrogate. However, if you opt for a participative game then YOU are the suspects which means you have a bigger role to play in the evening and ONE of you will be the murderer!

Can I buy a script and run it myself?

We do supply scripts to many of our clients.  These are available on a single use, single venue license.  If your evening is “not for profit” (i.e. a private party or a fundraising event), then you should shop with us under a domestic license.  If your event is to be a commercial event (e.g. a guest house with paying guests, a hotel or an Am Dram group who is being hired in to run an evening), then you should be shopping as a commercial customer.  Please be honest with us, as we pay our authors a royalty fee and it’s important our authors are properly paid for the time and effort they have put into writing the game for your enjoyment.

Do I need to arrange a venue and meal?

Most of our regular bookings are taken once customers have already arranged their venue, so we rarely get involved in this aspect of your party; however, every now and again we are approached by someone who would like help finding a venue too and we’re happy to give details of venues we’ve worked with in the past or obtain recommendations for you.

Do I need to provide anything?

As our host we ask that you provide the cast with a meal and drinks during the evening.  We will bring the game materials and any props needed.  It is up to you if you want to dress the venue appropriate to the theme and we will provide you with information to help with ideas for this.  Although it’s not essential, it does add to the atmosphere.

We usually bring prizes and certificates with us to most events, but we can advise on additional suitable prizes if you’d prefer to provide these yourselves.

What will it cost?

Costs vary dependent on the style of evening chosen and your location.  However, we realise that most people want to be given a “ball park” figure early on, as this helps them to know what they can afford.  We can say it’s not as costly as you might think and prices start from £249.99 for a commercial script.

Do you also do weekends?

We write weekend murder mysteries to order as these events are usually bespoke to each venue.  Due to this fact and that it requires actors over two evenings, prices start at around £3500.

Can I become one of your actors?

We are always adding to our acting database and are happy to be contacted by prospective actors in any part of the UK.  Please email us your CV.

Can I become a franchisee?

If you think you have the skills you need to act as our licensed provider within your region, taking responsibility for casting and running events booked through us and acquiring and running your own bookings please get in touch.

Franchise holders have their own operating patch and provide our evenings under license.

We have very strict operating guidelines to maintain quality, and provide our licensees with friendly support day to day, so we don’t take people on lightly.  All approaches should be made initially via email.